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Here you can view all the site updates since 14 March 1999. MOST of the links in this section PROBABLY don't work, so if it mentions something you're interested in, search the site.

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14 January 00
14 January 2000
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School starts again in a few days... At least it's my last year. Anyways, I added a search option to my site. I fixed a few things that weren't working (thanks Scorpion), and that's basically it for now. More to come later... I'm pretty sure...

30 December 99
30 December 1999
Posted by

Hey tomorrow's the last day of the millenium (aren't you sick of hearing that yet?). But anyway, I changed a few things in the layout. Now the survey is on this main page instead of in a pop-up window (cause everyone just closes them as soon as they open anyway). Um, I got another chat room. Now we have 2... why?? I don't understand myself...

25 December 99
25 December 1999
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I removed the ICQ ring thing because it doesn't work. I made my own ring called School Sucks and ICQ must have thought it's not appropriate or something so they just removed it. Didn't even ask me first. Creeps. Anywayz, I have a nice big article about someone who made a cheating website and his school found out. The school had the article on the front page of their newspaper. Go here for it :)

24 December 99
24 December 1999
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Merry Christmas 4 tomorrow! And... Lots of people are asking me to add a cheating section here... This site's purpose isn't exactly for cheating but I guess that's what people expect from something like this. So far I've got a links page for essay sites. It will grow, don't worry.

18 December 99
18 December 1999
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I think I messed up my message board. It just shows up blank. So I got a new one - it's much better cause the messages don't have to take up MY web space :) Maybe I'll fix the old one, maybe not. A few people have actually been typing in those opinion forms lately! Yay! So now there's a opinion page.

10 December 99
10 December 1999
Posted by

I re-arranged the contents frame. It's a lot longer now, but there's also a lot more stuff on it. Go check :) Wouldn't it be nice if everybody that came here sent some kind of feedback? Hmmm... here's some ideas: rate my page, feedback form, mailing list, message board... even email :) I've only gotten one feedback so far.

5 December 99
5 December 1999
Posted by

It's all over. School's finished for this year. Yippeeeeeee! Actually it finished a few days ago but i havent been bothered to actually notice until now... or something like that...

26 November 99
26 November 1999
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Lots to be said. I've got a mailing list, I've got web-based email and I'll have my own search engine soon, ummm... oh I've got a new feedback page... The email is great, you sign up and you get an email address like whatever@schoolsurvival.zzn.com. I signed up myself and it works fine.

16 November 99
16 November 1999
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Making progress with this re-designing thing. I added a lot of new stuff... I can't even remember it all. Check out the Read and Respond section, cause u can type your opinion in a form on each page (finally :). My exams are starting soon, but after that it's the holiday of the New Millenium so then i'll have plenty of time to update here :)

7 November 99
7 November 1999
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Internet Explorer is irritating the shit outta me! It refuses to show any pictures for my page. It shows pics on every other site, just not mine. Weird. So now i can't check if everything works or not. Oh well... maby it'll fix itself sometime?!

1 November 99
1 November 1999
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Long time no update, but with good reason... been spending time re-designing :) Now we got frames here... makes things a bit easier actually. The top frame is a headlines type thing... anything new or interesting goes there... but the details will still be in this news part.

2 October 99
2 October 1999
Posted by

Just 3 days to my birthday!!!! Yay!..... but more importantly... um, well i added another poll question :) It's on the left, and scroll down to find it. If luck goes my way, i might be able to add all kinds of polls and fancy chat forms and stuff soon... but that's only if luck goes my way. It doesn't usually like going my way :(

27 September 99
27 September 1999
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It's holidays, it's 3:15AM, I'm bored, and not one tiny bit tired. So I'm typing some crap here. Is that ok with you? It better be.... nah, i'm just pissed off cause my dad's been crapping me out about spending too much time on the 'net, and if i try to stick up for myself he gives me a filthy look and shouts even louder. I wish i was good at arguing like all the people that irritate me. Oh well... I'll shut up now. :(

24 September 99
24 September 1999
Posted by

Got another guestbook! Go sign it!

23 September 99
23 September 1999
Posted by

Poll results are in! Check the polls page. Looks like most people hate their schools.......... i should forward these results to the Education Department or something :) So anyways the poll is gone for now.. until i get a new question set up. Few days from now probably. And i moved all the old news from this page to an Old News page (what an original name! :). Should be a little faster now...

19 September 99
19 September 1999
Posted by

Got a new logo... check the funky red 'S' at the top :) I'm also busy expanding this site... to Life Survival. This one still stays as it is, but Life Survival is more about greedy politicians, stupid laws and stuff like that. There's no URL yet... but watch this space :)

14 September 99
14 September 1999
Posted by

The guestbook isn't working... so I removed it. And um that's about it. :) I'm running out of stuff to add here (mainly because all the things I would like to add kind of need people to send me stuff... which nobody does). I'll change the poll question soon (as soon as it hits 50 votes). I'll change it every 50 (or more... if it ever gets any more). Oh the webring and grey ribbon links don't work either. Just waiting for the guy running it to get a new server or something. :)

2 August 99
2 August 1999
Posted by

Long time no update.... Well, i organized the menu bar on the left a little... now there are categories instead of just a bunch of links in no order. I also added a Opinion Page, but if you want to go read other people's opinions on it, don't bother, nobody's sent me any yet :). You're free to add yours if you want (in fact please do). Also, there's more stuff to read, like the stuff under the heading All About School to the left. Another thing, I added something to the teacher insult generator: now you can enter the teacher's name! Excuse the excitement, but i actually know absolutely nothing about javascript, that's why im so happy i got it to work :)

3 July 99
3 July 1999
Posted by

School Survival is now officially part of the Anti-School Webring (check the bottom of this page for proof :) You probably know you get various coloured "ribbons" , like black for anarchy, yellow, blue etc... but you also get a grey ribbon - for those against school :) So now you know what's up with that ribbon thingy in the left corner :)

22 June 99
22 June 1999
Posted by

Finally wrote my last exam 2day. I hate exams.... but then i hate most things about school... :) Didn't really change anything on this page thingy, but im bored to death so i thought i'll just type a few (too many) wordz on my nice little page. Sorry. A few days from now in the holidays i'll add some more useful type stuff to the site... promise :) But if you're reading this, and you're as bored as me, go sign my guestbook, or leave a message on the forum thing, or try my chat room.... if u can find anybody to talk to :)

2 June 99
2 June 1999
Posted by

Added a guestbook finally.... i can only hope it works :) Added a message forum and.... a Chat Room! See the links to the left <--- ;-)

25 May 99
25 May 1999
Posted by

Added a page of stuff about the school i'm at... it's a private school u see. I also made a random quote thingy at the top left corner of the screen.

1 May 99
1 May 1999
Posted by

Added a poll and a ICQ status indicator. The poll question at the moment is "What do you think of your school". Would be interesting to see what comes out there :) If you want to suggest a question for the poll, email it here. Also moved the fade-in and name prompts to the "enter" page cause it was kinda annoying to have to wait for them every time i come back to the main page from somewhere :) And... i added a Teacher Insult Generator! Fill in some info about the teacher in question, and it throws out a few creative insults for them. :)

24 April 99
24 April 1999
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This page was taking forever to load, and i finally managed to fix that without damaging anything... the background pic has a few less colours and i put my fade-in where it belongs in the code :) It was in the wrong place... wooops.

21 April 99
21 April 1999
Posted by

Added Useless Homework Excuses. It's a collection of stuff you can say to teachers if you get caught with undone homework... only problem is, it's highly unlikely they'll believe you unless they have the IQ of a toad. :)

28 March 99
28 March 1999
Posted by

Added a lot more stuff in the meantime.... i suppose i better upload this thing.... :) I lost my page counter's address, so i can't count visitors til i get a new one :( Anyway, go to my Teachers Suck page... such healthy reading :) And if you wanna know something more about me and my personality, go to About Me.

14 March 99
14 March 1999
Posted by

Started building on the page. I'm planning to get lots of stuff, like Polls and forms and stuff, so if anyone out there knows where i can get something like that for free, let me know! OK, if anybody has suggestions for stuff i can add to this site please tell me, and if you really feel the need to have your opinion published here, you can email it to me. Even if i don't agree with you, i'll still put it up so people can see what others think, not just me ;-) In the future i hope to have forms that can do that, but for now we do it the old-fashioned email way :) And since i've just started off, go vote for my page and be honest, if you hate it, say so!

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