"What borders on the criminal is the poor teaching and neglect of those subjects that deal with the history of ideas and ideals, a knowledge of which is essential to all youth who would assume their place in society as thinking, feeling human beings." - Mortimer Smith (1949)

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Here you can view all the site updates since 14 March 1999. MOST of the links in this section PROBABLY don't work, so if it mentions something you're interested in, search the site.

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10 December 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

OK, so I haven't posted here in a while, but I have added a few new things, 2 new articles, a new section in the ASD for sites about zero tolerance, and various little things I can't remember anymore :P

New stuff
18 November 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Now if you post a URL in a comment, news post or in a rambling, it will automatically turn into a link :) Also, the wallpaper section is back, and a poetry section (people can submit now), and there's a store: http://cafepress.com/schoolsur... with t-shirts and all sorts of things.

Articles/Opinio ns
10 October 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

I reorganized the articles section and the opinionz section so that they are now merged. Having articles as well as opinions, both containing things about school and other things, well, it was confusing. Even for me :P Now there's 2 sections under Articles/Opinions: Stuff About School, and Other Stuff. I think that makes a lot more sense :) Links to the old sections will still work for now, they'll just redirect to the new section.

Also changed the ramblings display mode on the main page to only list A FEW WORDS from each rambling, so no more of that "crap crap crap x1000" screwing up the main page :)

Also, visitor comments no longer display the person's email address, except to site members. I did this because I noticed some spambots have been visiting here, so I don't want everyone getting spam.

ALSO, you may notice a little notice at the bottom of every page about the Misled Youth Network. This is a new youth-rights/self-education group that is just starting out, and I want people to know about them. They're writing a book as well. Click that little picture in the notice for more info ;)

New articles
26 August 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Added a bunch of new articles by John Taylor Gatto (some of them written ages ago, but whatever). Some really good stuff. It's about time I added more Gatto articles anyway, his are like the best anti-school stuff out there (that I know of).

Hitler runs the school system
22 August 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Fixed a few problems, like the print page function not working. The Anti-School Directory now lists the newest added links on its main page. Added a whole bunch of links - just go to the main ASD page and see them all :) Added a new article comparing the public school system in the US to what Hitler used - pretty interesting read.

20 August 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

If you're a member of the site, now you can add links to sites directly to the Anti-School Directory instead of having to 'suggest' them, and me taking ages to add them. New links go into the Misc category though, and admins/moderators have to move them into the right category.

Long time...
6 June 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Long time no news... Not much to say... Working on a news section for RATS, so anyone with a site in the network, or info about some or other event, can post about it in there. Hopefully people will use it ;) Apart from that, haven't really done much useful in a long time :P Had a lot of fun though, so in a way that's "useful"...

Debate forum
10 April 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

There is now a new forum for all your debating needs. Debates about just about any issues go in there. There is also a flames forum called "Frag Arena" for whenever you feel the need to say mean things about someone. Enjoy!

10 April 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

There was a really unnecessary problem with the posting in the 'current issues' opinions section... I fixed it now... that explains why nobody had posted there in like a year :( *sigh*... thanks to MikEms for reminding me to finally fix it :P

18 March 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

RATS is now officially in full working order... if you're wondering what it's about, click the title of this post. You will find a post in the RATS forum asking for site nominations... so if you know any good, useful sites that deserve some extra recognition, post a link to them as a reply to that post.

Happy birthday!
14 March 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

On this day, in 1999, this site was started. So, happy 6th birthday to School Survival :)

Back online!
28 February 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Thanks to Wolf, I moved Destinity off this server and onto his server, which has a lot more bandwidth. So hopefully we won't be having bandwidth issues here for a good long time... School Survival is back up, the new RATS is pretty much finished, but I just want to do a little more testing before I let lots of people sign up, just in case :) Existence is also coming back to life - if you were here before you may remember it was a site I made, well, hardly anyone went there, so now me and Wolf have set up a new community called Existence. Forums, gallery, links dir, you name it, it's probably there. Just needs some design tweaking... but that's my job (go figure) :)

Bandwidth issue again
14 February 2005
Posted by SoulRiser

Due to bandwidth limitations, only regulars will be permitted to use the forums - sorry for the inconvenience. I hate it too!!

22 December 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

RATS is being given a facelift... it will look and feel completely different soon... I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I won't say any more now ;)

17 December 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Rating function fixed... I still have no idea how I broke it. But errr... it works now...

17 December 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

It seems the rating function isn't working. This affects the ASD and crib notes section. I added a few things to the script a while back and didn't notice that I broke the rating ability along the way. Sorry! I'll fix it ASAP.

Cheating section
10 December 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

A couple months back, I had to remove the cheating section due to excessive bandwidth. I tried a few other site hosts, but they were all kinda screwey and wouldn't work with my script, so I never actually got the section up and running... so I'm just putting the crib notes section and the infamous "getting good grades" guide back on this site. I've linked to some other essays and summaries sites. There really are enough of those around, this site doesn't need a section for that as well :) In keeping with the spirit of cheating, I changed the poll question as well :P

So the shrub won...
4 November 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Bush won. I was kind of surprised. Didn't realise that half the American population is actually that stupid. Either that, or those voting machines were used to great effect for cheating. Anyway, I found some fun quotes on "why you should vote for Bush", really funny. A great way to drown your sorrows before World War 3 starts. Yay. It's in the comic relief section.

25 October 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

It's quite amazing how much time and effort I've put into this site since 1999. Yeah, it's weird, but I still often sit and stare at it in amazement... the first version was like 3 pages with really crappy looking design and you could barely read the text! And now look. And I have no inclination to stop working on it either, I get these phases of obsession when I try and come up with new stuff to add, or just tweak lots of little details over and over and over.... it's fun :) And I think it's a good cause too, so there's extra motivation, not to mention the feedback I've gotten that makes me think if I ever do neglect it, I'd deserve a proper beating.

17 October 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Discovered a few things I typed ages ago, on some long lost backup CD, stuff about "copy protection" and "don't let school waste your time"... so I added those tidbits to the rest of the stuff I wrote about those things. So if you wanna, go check em out, they're a bit longer now ;)

6 October 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Happy birthday to meee! OK, that was yesterday (5th). Added an IRC help page, might help people find #anti-school more easily ;) Also finally got around to adding an article colin wrote a while ago about Guantanamo Bay. It's in the Current Issues section.

4 October 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Finished my little bandwidth tweaks, just waiting for my site to get re-activated so I can upload and see if my plan works or not. If it doesn't, then the culprit is most likely Destinity, so I'll have to move the pics elsewhere :(

The bandwidth battle
23 September 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

This month, School Survival SOMEHOW used more than 3 gigs of bandwidth! I have moved the cheating section to another server and tweaked a few things, which will hopefully help, but still no guarantee that the problem is solved. I'm guessing somewhere people are leeching images from here, especially the ones at Destinity. Still working on implementing some kind of anti-leech thing (which by the way I have no idea how to do for images in PHP)... :P [Update many hours later].. anti-leech thingy working :) Pretty simple, just renames the directory with the pics in every now and then. Yay.

GiGs and more Gigs...
15 September 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Please go away! There's too many of you! My site can't handle the traffic! LOL. Just kiddin, don't leave ;) I should have checked my site traffic stats more closely. It's only halfway thru September, and already 3 gigs of bandwidth have been used, and it's not like there's anything to download here! Pretty impressive. Cool. Not cool. That means the site's going down. Until next month anyway. So I have to either pay for hosting, or do one of my sneaky moves and move half the site to another server or something. I like this server... so I think I'll just move the cheating section off since it seems to get the most visits in general anyways. Maybe the images too... we'll see ;)

Some shtuff
16 August 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Just a few changes here n there. Some articles got moved to opinions cause they fit better there. Made a few changes to the menu to make it look a bit more organized. New cool things too tho, there's a poll again finally :) And the main page now lists the latest forum posts. From the general ramblings forum anyway. Others will be added on other sections, Revolt under protesting, etc etc... LATER! I NEED SLEEP! :)

How to be a GOOD teacher!
28 June 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

What should teachers do to earn the respect of their students and make their classes interesting and fun? This guide is finally finished (I think). Yay! Go check it out. Feel free to suggest teacher sites where it should be posted and cool stuff like that :)

Rate stuff
5 June 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

New feature :) Now you can rate things, like the crib notes tips and the websites listed in the Anti-School Directory. So get over there right now and rate them all! If you're logged in, your vote will count more. Visitor votes only count for 20% of the total rating, simply because someone could vote a million times for the same thing if they really wanted to swing the results :P

Music & Lyrics
26 May 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Added a few more song lyrics to the lyrics section. 2 songs by Emcee Lynx, and 2 by Corporate Avenger, which I've had for ages but for some strange reason never added till now. Check out Emcee Lynx's website, you can download all his songs there for free. If you like it, buy his CD's from him to help him out.

Login system
23 April 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

I finally implemented it. If you log in using the same name and password you use for the forums, everything you post elsewhere will be with your name linked to your profile. This is just the basics, I plan to do a lot more with this later...

Downtime :(
17 April 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Sorry bout the downtime, seems f2o has been attacked by another malicious asshole who has something against them for some reason. Everything seems back up and running again :) Hope someone squishes that moron like the little bug that he is.

IRC chat channel
17 April 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

OK so I didn't really wait for the poll results, but hey. School Survival now has an IRC chat channel :) It's called #anti-school, and can be found on irc.rizon.org (or any one of the servers in the Rizon network). If you don't know anything about IRC, go get mIRC and read the helpfiles and newbie guides that come with it. Hope to see ya there sometime :)

Forums :)
15 April 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

Forums have been fixed and seem to be working again. Sorry for the obvious inconvenience :P GRR. Here's to hoping it never happens again!

14 April 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

OK and now the forums don't work. GRR. it's only temporary, i'm getting one of the server admins to fix it. i will post here again when it works. GRR.

1 April 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

School Survival has forums! Wheee! OK, it had forums before, many times, but some technical screwup always killed them. This time they are staying, damnit! Time will tell if they will replace the Ramblings section or not. Oh yeah, and the forums have polls too, and anybody can add polls. Forget voting for president, voting on site polls is much more fruitful ;)

How to organize a student revolution!
26 March 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

I actually added this a few days ago, but forgot to make a post about it :P It was written by the guy who runs hackthissite.org, an experienced protest organizer. It's full of practical tactical ideas, not to mention fun to read :)

Jesus Is an Anarchist
28 February 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

I found a very interesting article called "Jesus Is an Anarchist" on anti-state.com a while ago. I have made a summary of it and included it in the Articles section with a link to the full one (which is very long and thorough). I also added about 30 new quotes to the random quote file. There's now more or less 100 in there :)

H4X0R! And other leetness.
24 February 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

LOL. OK, the guy from hackthissite.org hacked my site. Luckily he's a nice guy and didn't damage anything, emailed me and told me how to prevent him from doing it in future :) While I was fixing it, I remembered an old problem of the "Next" links not working with comments, so I fixed that as well. AND, while all this was going on, a very cool writer/journalist decided she likes my site and wrote a review of it and posted it on a bunch of large respectable independent news sites :) I've added a few of her (Kirsten Anderberg) articles to my site. Check them out, they're GOOD :)

Read my feedback
8 February 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

I sifted thru all my site feedback and made a page with the most memorable ones on it. Some really funny things, and some really deep encouraging ones. Oh and of course, HATE MAIL! Gotta love that. Also, I finally actually added the suggestion form in the lyrics section :P

More Stuff
22 January 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

I finally sifted thru all the site mail I've recieved the past month or 2, and added a bunch of new Crib Notes tips & some wasting time tips & a few other random things. Sorry to the people who asked me for stuff for taking so long to reply :P Oh yeah... and I hope you peeps like the new design (yet again).

Song lyrics
11 January 2004
Posted by SoulRiser

I was going thru my song lyrics collection today and figured I'd add some of the more inspirational ones and anti-school song lyrics up here. So far there's 18 songs in there by various artists, more to come (probably)...

More essays
9 November 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

Added 7 more essays, 4 English and 3 Science/Biology. Keep sending your essays over here, and my lazy ass will add them... eventually :) Essays relating to Geography are especially needed... since I only have 4!!

17 October 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

Some of the stuff I wrote in some of the non-school opinions have been bugging me for some time, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I think I was sticking a bit too much to what my parents think of those things... for just in case they ever read it :P So I've fixed up a few things in the Abortion and Death Penalty sections. Never did give those issues enough thought before :(

Free essays
9 October 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

I've been collecting essays people have sent me for quite some time now, but haven't actually gotten around to adding them. Until now :) Well OK, so that's not all of them... yet... it's a rather tedious job copying & pasting hundreds of text files :P

Add news
9 June 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

I changed the news section so that anyone can add news posts there. I realised I just don't find new news often enough to update that section properly, so I figured I'd let you all run it yourselves. Have fun :)

More crib tips
22 May 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

Added another 14 crib tips, some really clever and creative ones that might just work for you :)

Finally moved
20 May 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

Took me longer than it was supposed to, but I finally moved the site over to the new server. The old one was giving shit with corrupted directory names which was screwing up my scripts. Anyway if you notice anything not working like it's supposed to, let me know please :) The forum has been taken down. Partly because there is a problem with the new server which makes it a pain in the ass to set it up, and partly because hardly anyone ever posted anything anyway. If enough people bug me to put it back, I MIGHT. ;)

Moved hosts... AGAIN
31 March 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

Something really weird went wrong with the old host which resulted in directories getting screwed up and showing up as nothing but gibberish...?! Anyway, the site is now hosted at f2o.org, which seems to be some kind of unofficial free continuation of f2s.com, where my site used to be before they chickened out of free hosting entirely.

I also finally updated the insanely stupid class fun page, and added 11 new things there that people had sent me. Some really hilarious shit... what were they smokin?? Enjoy :)

New Design, and some other stuff
23 January 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

Yes, I really have gone and redesigned the whole site again. I seem to like doing that :P Anyway, 2 new opinions have been added to the Opinionz section, and one to the Current Issues section. Also a few new crib tips added. I now have a What's New page that automatically lists the latest additions to the site, so that's a good place to check if you wanna see what's new (since I'm always too lazy to document that sort of thing).

The Anti-School Directory is a new feature here, it's like Yahoo or ODP, but for anti-school and other relevant sites only. If you know of any good site that is NOT listed there, PLEASE add it! :)

Please contact me if you find any broken links or anything else that doesn't work like it should!

Update (1 Feb): Added a whole bunch of opinions about other stuff not relating to school, like abortion, racism, that sorta thing. I wrote them a while back, but they were on my other site, Existence... but hardly anybody ever visits there, so I figured I'd put them here as well so someone will actually SEE 'em sometime :P

Added more poetry by me to the Poetry page, and one great poem by Spooky Poet. Go read! ;)

Happy New Year ;)
1 January 2003
Posted by SoulRiser

I guess it's just as well I like the number 3 more than the number 2... not that it matters really. And this is a completely and utterly pointless post... but that's obvious :P

Cheating at school
22 July 2002
Posted by SoulRiser

Someone sent me his opinion of the Crib Notes section. I must say, it was very inspiring for me. You can read it and my response if you follow the title link in this post ;)

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