"We humans are way too imperfect and not understanding enough to be trusted with the power of 'disciplining' others." - SoulRiser


What anti-school does NOT mean

We are not anti-education. We are not anti-learning. Learning means to acquire knowledge, and education is basically learning with help from other people. Those are both good things. Right, now that that's out of the way, what is "anti-school" all about then?

What anti-school DOES mean

Lets face a few facts first. How many people remember more than 20% of the stuff they "learned" at school? I personally don't know of any, apart from people who later on became school teachers. School doesn't give students just about ANY choice of what they would like to learn about, or HOW they would like to learn it. In fact, it's gotten so bad, that every time someone mentions the word "learn", people instantly think of "memorize". Just look at all those "memory-enhancer" things on the market, and "mind-maps" and whatever other method of memorizing things. Memorizing is NOT the same as learning! School is about MEMORIZING, not LEARNING anything useful (hey, apart from basic reading and writing, but they even manage to make that so awfully boring most kids hate learning about it).

So, in short, "anti-school" means exactly what it says. We are against school, because school is giving education and learning a bad reputation.

There are Alternatives to school!

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