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School Laws and Alternatives by Country

Most countries mandate school attendance until approximately age 16. Some countries offer an exception for students who homeschool, with varying requirements. Other options include: change schools, find an online school, or even start college early. Students without these choices might be able to change classes or work out some other kind of exemption.

The Internet provides numerous opportunities to learn outside of school. There are also books, periodicals, libraries, museums, jobs, internships, apprenticeships, volunteer opportunities, independent classes and workshops, and just learning by doing.

Credit/Credentials Outside of School

  • CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) and DSST each offer over 30 exams. Many colleges grant college credit for passing scores on some or most of these exams.
  • The GED diploma is an alternative to graduating high school in the United States and Canada. (The US state of Maine offers an International GED.)
  • Professional certification can be earned by exam in many fields, including computer technology.
  • A portfolio of work you've done (web sites, articles, photography, 3d graphics, video, etc.) can be useful in demonstrating your skills.
  • Testimonials or references from people you've worked with can be helpful in proving what you're capable of.

Dealing with Parents

Convincing Parents - How to convince your parents to help you.
Parents and Disappointment - What to do if you're afraid of disappointing your parents.
Social skills outside school - Dealing with the social skills arguments

"Forms" of Education

Descriptions of what they mean and how they work.

Democratic Schools
Free Schools
Online Education

Getting out of school

Start college early
California High School Proficiency Exam
Dropping Out Of School


Survival Kit - Guides about various things, including protesting at school itself.
Emotional Support
Convincing Parents
Depression and Suicide
Finding out what you're good at
Parents and Disappointment

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