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Has school destroyed your creativity and self-confidence? I'm working on a book called Recovering From School, to help you heal the damage caused. Join the Patreon or Newsletter to be notified about updates. Paid Patreon members will get early draft previews, as well as a free digital copy when it's done.

About School Survival

Hi. I'm SoulRiser, and I started this site in 1999. The reasons why I started it are described in this interview.

More about me - a list of my other sites, projects, and my personal blog where I sometimes even write things.

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Book Interview - Edgar D. Johnson III interviewed me in 2006 for his book, What About Us? Standards-Based Education and the Dilemma of Student Subjectivity. School Survival is one of the case studies in the book.

Site intro page - Introduction to hating school, basically.

Site History and why it started - How I made this site and why (pretty outdated, but still relevant).

FAQ/FAM - Frequently Asked Questions / Frequently Assumed Misconceptions.

LipSync interviews youvebeenthunderstruck - One of our admins participated in a radio interview. (streaming mp3)

Feedback School Survival has recieved - Some memorable things people have said about this site.

About my (ex-)school - The full story about why I was motivated to start this site in the first place.

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