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More tips & helpful links

Here's a list of feeling words - it can help you figure out how to express your feelings. Here is a longer list as well.

Here are some ideas for titles/topics if you'd like to write something, but you're not sure where to start:

Personal Experiences/Thoughts/Feelings

  • 3-5 Ways School Traumatized Me
  • Things I Hate About School
  • 10 Ways School Ruins Learning
  • 101 Things I'd Rather Do Than Go To School
  • What an Education Really Looks Like
  • 3-5 Myths About School/Education
  • Why (something) Is Better Than School
  • 5 Reasons I Don't Trust Teachers/Parents/Adults Who (something)
  • What I Could Learn If School Didn't Monopolize All My Time

Tips and Advice (if you've had success with something, share what you did and how it worked!)

  • Ways To Make Sure Your School Is Not Wasting All Your Free Time
  • 5 Tactics To Get Your Parents To Take You Seriously
  • Feeling Powerless? 3-5 Sneaky Ways To Take Back Some Control Over Your Life
  • How To Learn (something) In Spite Of School
  • How To Heal The Harm Done By School