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About School Survival

Site History

The Beginning

I started making the site in March 1999. Originally it was basically just because I was angry with the way my school had changed and I needed someplace to "get it out of my system". Since then I've been looking at other anti-school sites and most of them just say "MY school SUcks!". I wanted my site to be more than just that. I wanted the site to be the kind of place where people who feel the same as I did can come to and see that they're not alone. That they're not "bad" for feeling the way they do.

About a year later, after becoming frustrated with all comments being emailed to me, and having to manually add them, I discovered the wonder that is PHP. Okay, to be completely honest, for a few months I did use some Perl script that wrote comments directly onto a .html file, but that was also becoming a bit of a pain (think extremely long pages taking long to load). I couldn't find a PHP script that worked exactly the way I wanted it to, so I decided to write one from scratch. A few months later, I had a basic thing that listed a bunch of text files in a directory, and you could add comments, each one stored in its own little text file. That was great, no more pain!.... almost.

In February of 2002, my site host ( decided to discontinue their free PHP hosting. Oops. Now I had to find another host with PHP that actually WORKED. This proved to be difficult, especially with me being stuck at college with hardly any internet access (ironically this was a WEB DESIGN college). So the site was down for many months, until a friend of mine let me use a bit of space on a host he was admin of.

That worked great for a while, until something odd went wrong with the server that made my script stop working. It's like the server couldn't read the directory listings anymore, though everything else worked fine. So I had to move again. By this time I had been using the Navboard forum script, which was hosted at I thought the domain was interesting, it reminded me of So I went to, applied for a free hosting account, and got one :) This was early in 2003.

So, all this time, and I hadn't spent a single cent on hosting or anything like that.

Later on (2004-2005)

From 2003 to 2004, f2o worked great. Hardly any downtime and no major disruptions, and quite a nice little community. However, by this time I was also hosting my art site on my f2o account, which was getting a reasonable amount of attention, and all those full version images were quite large. The 3gigs of monthly bandwidth was getting used up pretty quickly. Just when it was all becoming too much and I had to disable my art site, someone by the name of Master of Reality came along, asking me to send him one of the artworks which was now mysteriously "missing" from the site. I told him why I had to take it down, and he mentioned that he just so happens to be the admin of a server with plenty of space and bandwidth, and offered to host all my sites for me :) Along with that, we started working on Existence, sort of like School Survival, except it's about life in general. At first I didn't move School Survival there, for a number of reasons (main one being it's a PAIN to move so many files over, and f2o was still working fine).

In late 2005 the f2o server started to go down more often though, and when it was up, a lot of the time it was incredibly slow. They mentioned in their latest newsletter that they knew about the problem and were working on it, but I figured it was time to move on anyway. So I got a proper domain (finally!), and moved all the files over to Master of Reality's server.


Early in 2006 I decided to convert the forums to phpBB, because it had nice features like being able to split threads. I think there were over 8000 posts in total by that point. Converting it wasn't all that hard, and the forums grew a lot faster after that. In March, I moved to a house with no phone line, and very limited internet access. So I had to go to my parents' house to check up on the site, and was pretty much limited to 1-2 hours a day. Sometime in May 2006 I was at my parents' house, half asleep, and trying to delete all the members on my clan's forums, which happened to be hosted on the same server as School Survival. Genius that I am, I had the wrong database selected... and deleted all of School Survival's members instead. Even more genius, I had no backup. The server made automatic backups every day, so I tried to download it. 28k modem. Not good. Basically, I ended up screwing up the entire database :P I eventually restored a backup from April, so after a month of downtime, the forums were finally back :) I set the server to automatically make extra backups of the database every day, and email it to me. Towards the end of 2006, the forums had about 50000 posts and a nice big bunch of moderators for deleting spam and moving things around.

More history will be added as soon as it becomes history :)

The OLD Site

I've uploaded the original School Survival here, if you want to see just how crappy it used to look :)

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