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Unschooling is quickly becoming a popular alternative to school. It is usually defined as “Natural Learning” or “Delight-Driven Learning.” Unschooling philosophy says that naturally, children love to learn, but when they are put into schools with everyone being forced to learn the same things and all the same ways, they start disliking learning. Unschooling philosophy says that learning should be fun and enjoyable rather than something a child hates doing.

Usually, Unschooling parents don't force their kids to learn anything that they really don't want to learn or think is boring. Rather, unschoolers learn what they want to learn, and usually in doing that, they learn other things too. Unschooling is “Life Learning”

We should learn from living rather than sitting in buildings all day listening to teachers lecture.



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Posted in: Knowledgebase on May 30, 2023 @ 6:50 PM

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