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Free Online High Schools For Homeschoolers

There are all these online options popping up everywhere, like Connections Academies, Insight Schools, and Advanced Academics, spread across different states. Our site's got, like, nearly a hundred of these listed.

But just because they say they're free doesn't mean they're the right fit for you. And, by the way, they're not really free since our tax dollars are footing the bill. Homeschoolers have their own groove, ya know? They're looking for something that speaks to them.

So, here are some things to think about:

1. Does it actually give you a diploma? Some of these freebies cover everything, while others just give you a class or two. You gotta figure out what you're signing up for. Most of us are aiming for that diploma, though.

2. Is it legit? Look for accreditation by or the U.S. Department of Education. Or at least make sure it's recognized by your state's education folks. That's your ticket to college.

3. How long has it been around? Online high schools are still pretty new, so finding a seasoned one might be a challenge. Some brag about their experience, but they just transitioned from snail mail to online. As long as they've been at it for a year or two and are using solid programs, you're probably good. Bonus points if the team behind it knows their online game.

4. Is it homeschooler-friendly? Some schools are all about welcoming homeschoolers, while others act like we're from another planet. If you're all about that homeschool life, this matters. Go for places that get you and don't treat you like an afterthought.

5. Can you actually join? These freebies often have specific geographic restrictions. If there's none near you, check out one of those homeschool chains on our list and see if they're expanding to your area soon.

6. Does it align with your beliefs? Even though they're public schools, some are more open to different beliefs than others. Ask the right questions before diving in.

So yeah, homeschoolers gotta do their research. But finding a free online high school that clicks with you is doable now. Do your thing, but choose wisely. Sometimes, paying a bit can get you a better fit.

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Posted in: Blog, Knowledgebase on April 27, 2024 @ 8:59 PM

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