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Online high schools: Public vs. Private

With adequate technology and expert staff, some online high schools are Making great strides with students who have unique needs.

Online high schools: Public vs. Private

Public online Schools are similar to traditional public schools: They are tuition-free; educators are licensed and deliver district-approved curricula; and students may take extracurricular activities. These schools tend to follow relatively traditional schedules. Students may take AP classes and earn college credit before graduation.

Private Online high schools are an option for pupils with special schedules or distinctive learning needs, as well as for those without public options. Most pupils' families pay tuition but scholarships and grants are available. A few private options receive some public funds and are tuition-free.

Virtual classrooms & pupil independence

Two main formats are used for online learning: synchronous and asynchronous:

1. In a synchronous learning scenario, the instructor lectures live via webcast. Students must be logged on at the exact time to participate and take notes.

2. In the asynchronous set-up, students can log on at different times. They might participate in online conversations but not in real time.

What are the costs and benefits? The Asynchronous format maximizes students' freedom but demands greater self-discipline and improved time management skills for success. The synchronous format is generally better at fostering a sense of community.

A third option, hybrid schools, combine synchronous and asynchronous learning. Some include in-person classes.

The Development of cyberschools

Students involved in online high Schools today are pioneers - but choosing fertile ground is crucial. As With electronic universities and colleges, a couple of bad apples sneak into online advertisements.

Where to next? Pick one!

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