"The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides..." - Henri Frederic Amiel

Dropping Out & Getting a GED

Here's some advice on whether or not you should drop out, and how to drop out if you decide to do so. Here's a list of successful dropouts & famous people who dropped out.

If you're planning on dropping out, you might also want to look into unschooling yourself.

Note that the GED is only in North America... we don't have much information on similar options in other countries, but here is some advice on how to leave high school early in Australia (and get into university early).

Articles about Getting a GED

Beware Of Fake Diplomas! by Leo Williams
Warning signs of fake online GED/diploma sites.

Eligibility and Requirements for the GED Test by Leonard Williams
What you have to do (or not do) to be able to take a GED test.

How to convince your parents to let you drop out of school by Jackass McAwesome
How to convince your parents to allow you to drop out of school, and/or to get a GED.

How You Can Prepare For Your GED by D. Silva
What to expect in a GED test and how to prepare for it.

My GED story - Why it works and why you should consider it by .xstrike-anywherex.
Why dropping out is a viable option, and why you should consider it.

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