"The righteous know the rights of the poor; the wicked have no such understanding." - Proverbs 29:7


Uniforms: uncomfortable and a waste of time and money.
by SoulRiser

Who came up with the idea of uniforms? What the hell is the point? Who has any right to tell other people what they may or may not wear, expect their parents to pay for it, and then still have the nerve to shout at anyone who doesn't wear it properly?!

I think the original idea was to have uniforms so that poor people who couldn't afford to pay for fancy clothes would wear the same as the rich kids and wouldn't feel left out. The school authorities were trying to solve the wrong problem - rich kids shouldn't look down on poor kids in the first place...

The worst part about uniforms is, if the thing you are forced to wear isn't your style, then you really hate it. I can't STAND blazers, they're so uncomfortable and 'square'. Yet the teachers say it looks so 'smart'. Well if they like it so much, why don't THEY wear it and leave us alone to wear something we're comfortable in?!

Written by: SoulRiser
27 February 2002

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