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Homework Search

Hate Homework? This might help a bit...

Homework Search searches for information, book summaries, essays, books, images and more... all at the same time.

Homework Search is also handy for finding interesting stuff on just about any topic. Imagine that - something homework-related that can be used for interesting purposes!

Enter your topic in the box, click "search" and then wait for Homework Search to find stuff. Once it's done, you can choose between the tabs at the top:
Research - searches encyclopedia and info sites.
Web - a regular Google search.
Homework Help - searches homework help, science and math forums.
Essays - searches free essay sites*.
Summaries - searches book summary sites.
Book - searches Google Books, which may allow you to preview parts of the book for free.
Gutenberg - searches Project Gutenberg, which has lots of older books available freely online.
Image - searches Google Images.

* A note about the essay search: Yes, sure, you could probably just hand in one of these, but there's a good chance you'll get caught. The reason the essay search is included is because other people's essays are a great source of information and ideas. For ultra-fast essay writing, take 2-3 of these and re-write parts of them in your own words, and combine them into a single essay. That way plagiarism checkers probably won't find any results, but you still save a lot of time.

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