"Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends." - Isabel Paterson

Song lyrics

Here are the lyrics to some songs that I found inspirational. Some of them are anti-school and some are about other things.

Disclaimer thingie: All of these are copyrighted to whoever wrote them. I'm not trying to pretend I wrote them. I didn't. It wasn't me. So there.

Title Last Post Author
A beautiful lie 2005.Oct.06 30 Seconds to Mars
R-Evolve 2005.Oct.06 30 Seconds to Mars
King of insects 2005.Oct.06 Assemblage 23
Skin 2005.Oct.06 Assemblage 23
Fault the police (I don't) 2004.May.26 Corporate Avenger
Taxes are stealing 2004.May.26 Corporate Avenger
Bullets 2003.Dec.27 Creed
Fight You 2006.Aug.07 Cutting Jade
Avalon 2004.May.25 Emcee Lynx
Bullet in the Chamber 2004.May.26 Emcee Lynx
So long 2003.Dec.27 Everlast
What I Have To Do 2007.May.17 Flaw
Open your eyes 2003.Dec.27 Guano Apes
You're Never Alone 2006.Sep.23 Hatebreed
Escape 2005.Oct.04 Hoobastank
First of Me 2007.Mar.08 Hoobastank
Out of control 2005.Oct.04 Hoobastank
Up and gone 2005.Oct.04 Hoobastank
Make yourself 2003.Dec.27 Incubus
Privilege 2003.Dec.27 Incubus
The Warmth 2006.Nov.14 Incubus
Burn burn 2004.Feb.28 lostprophets
I don't know 2004.Apr.21 lostprophets
Make a move 2004.Feb.28 lostprophets
All I want 2003.Dec.27 Offspring
Elders 2003.Dec.27 Offspring
Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) 2006.May.15 Pink Floyd
2nd hand 2005.Oct.04 Pitchshifter
I don't like it 2005.Oct.04 Pitchshifter
Anything right 2003.Dec.27 POD
Ghetto 2003.Dec.27 POD
Youth of the nation 2003.Dec.27 POD
Free 2003.Dec.27 Powerman 5000
Born as ghosts 2003.Dec.27 Rage Against The Machine
Take the power back 2003.Dec.27 Rage Against The Machine
Failure To Excommunicate 2003.Dec.27 Relient K
Anthem for the year 2000 2003.Dec.27 Silverchair
Crazy 2005.Nov.25 Simple Plan
Me against the world 2005.Oct.06 Simple Plan
One 2005.Nov.25 Simple Plan
Forever free 2003.Dec.27 Stratovarius
Rebel 2003.Dec.27 Stratovarius
We're all to blame 2005.Oct.04 Sum41
This is your life 2005.Nov.25 Switchfoot
Prison song 2003.Dec.27 System Of A Down
Cold cash and colder hearts 2004.Apr.21 Thrice
Stare at the sun 2004.Apr.21 Thrice
The artist in the ambulance 2004.Apr.21 Thrice
The melting point of wax 2004.Apr.21 Thrice
Hollowman 2005.Oct.04 Trapt
These walls 2005.Oct.04 Trapt
Free 2006.Nov.02 VAST
The last one alive 2006.Nov.02 VAST
What else do I need 2006.Nov.02 VAST

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