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Does your site belong in the RATS network?
  • Does your site have something to do with schools or youth rights?
  • Does your site aim to help young people change their schools for the better?
  • Does your site aim to help people start unschooling or homeschooling?
  • Does your site expose some ugly truths about a particular school, or schools in general?
The above requirements are a general guide for what kind of sites RATS is looking for. Your site can be about any or all of these things, or related things. If yours doesn't quite fit those descriptions but you think it still belongs, submit it anyway. However, there are some things that we can't accept in the network.

We cannot accept sites with:

  • Pornography, or any kind of perverted stuff
  • Promoting stealing, making bombs, destroying things, breaking things, or hurting anyone
  • Posting personal information about people (teachers' full names, phone numbers, addresses etc)
As you can see, RATS is not interested in hurting anyone or random acts of stupidity. If your site is about, or even contains a section about any of those things, don't bother submitting it, it will not be accepted. People who do things like that give students who actually care about true change a bad name.

A few other requirements

You will have to place a small bit of code somewhere on your site. It will look like this:

Rise Against Terrible Schools Network Navbar

It's 100 pixels wide, and is designed to be placed in a sidebar menu, like the one on this page. If your site doesn't use a sidebar, it's OK, you can put it anywhere else on your main page.

Don't copy this one, use the code that you will be given once you join! This one won't work on your site, only on this site :)

Now that all that's out of the way, head to the join form.

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You alone are responsible for what you do with the information on this site, but please don't ever hurt yourself or anyone else, or break stuff. Use your brain and always listen to your conscience. Click for full disclaimer.

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