"Where once a tyrant had to wish that his subjects had but one common neck that he might strangle them all at once, all he has to do now is to 'educate the people' so that they will have but one common mind to delude." - Richard Mitchell, "The Underground Grammarian"

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Stories written by School Survival members, not necessarily about school. If you want to add your story, post it in the Original Writing Forum, and it will be added depending on what people say about it. :)

Disclaimer note: These are just stories, and are in no way real or even vaguely related to anything real. Keep that in mind. And read the site disclaimer too.

Title Last Post Author
Off The Edge: Part I 2006.Sep.13
Off The Edge: Part II 2006.Sep.13
Off The Edge: Part III 2006.Sep.13
Rebellion 2007.Jan.06
Sarah's Challenge 2008.May.05
The Lockdown's End 2008.May.05

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