"When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children." - Albert Shanker, Former President of the American Federation of Teachers

Self-Directed Education Search

This is a custom search engine that only searches Self-Directed Education Sites, including unschooling blogs.

The list of all sites included in the search engine can be found here.

Please contact me if you know of any sites you feel should be included in the list.

What is Self-Directed Education?

"Self-Directed Education is education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the person becoming educated, whether or not those activities were chosen deliberately for the purpose of education." - The Alliance for Self-Directed Education

Basically, it means learning from your own self-chosen activities and life experiences. Unschooling is a form of Self-Directed Education. It's what people used to just consider "learning", before humans invented schools and decided to force people to attend them.

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