"Corporations have neither bodies to kick, nor souls to damn." - Andrew Jackson


by SoulRiser

People can debate all they want over whether or not the fetus counts as a seperate person, but it doesn't matter. If it isn't now, it will become one, so for all intents and purposes it might as well be, as far as I'm concerned. I think killing it is wrong.

However, I think abortion should be legal. People are going to do it anyway, and criminalizing it isn't going to help anyone. People who have abortions are not a danger to anyone (unlike serial killers and rapists), so they should not be locked up. What's that? Prison is supposed to punish people who do wrong? Oh right, I heard about that. How often does punishment make a positive difference in a person's life, anyway? But that's another rant altogether.

So, the infamous question: Am I pro-life or pro-choice? Life sounds good, and so does choice. I vote for both.

Rewritten: 27 February 2007. Old version was from 2003 and was lame.

Written by: SoulRiser
27 February 2007

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