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Christians who disgrace Christianity


"Love thy neighbour"

A very simple statement, and one of the most important basic principles of Christianity. Why then is it that so few Christians REALLY live up to it?

Most Christians seem to cheer Israel on as they bomb more and more Palestinians (many of which are innocent people who have no part in the actual conflict), and blame everything on "those vicious, violent Palestinians!". No wonder you hear people talking about "those vicious, violent Christians"!

I'd love to be able to PROUDLY say that I'm a Christian, but I feel like I have to defend myself from the reputation that those so-called Christians are making the rest of us live with.

Nosy over-conservative people also contribute to the general bad name of Christianity. You know - the ones that keep on saying how smoking marijuana or cheating at school is a sin, and that modern music is from the devil.

I don't believe that preaching to people accomplishes anything in most cases. Many Christian preachers seem to be under the impression that they're so special because of what they're doing, that they act like they're some super-generous amazing person out to save the ignorant masses. The worst of them like to convert people with scare-stories, telling them they'll burn in hell if they don't become Christian. This is likely to put off the average intelligent person instead of convince them that Christianity is the way to go.

If Christians could rather try to just BE a good example to everyone around them, the average intelligent person would be more likely to say things like "Hey, those Christians are really nice people, I'd like to be like them!".

We Christians like to complain that the media portray us as inconsiderate, stubborn, narrow-minded, arrogant hypocrites. Sadly, many of us give them good reason to.

Written by:
1 January 2003

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