"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Winston Churchill

Love Society

by Druidus

I love me, I love life, I love my friends, I love my parents and family, I love nature, I love society, I love this planet, I love this corner of the galaxy, I love reality and unreality. The problem most people have is that they confuse deep feelings of dislike as anathema to love. Yes, I dislike society on a profound level. I dislike aspects of myself, and thus try to change them. I dislike many aspects of my family and friends, and even aspects of nature are pretty dislikeable. But that doesn't mean I have to "hate" them.

For instance, society has screwed so many things up, given us a world that we'll have to struggle to salvage. But without society, without this artificial and abstract construct of man, would we even have a world worth inheriting? No. We'd have a world without friends, without family, without cooperation, even without love. The society we exist in today is directly descended from societies of the past. It is not a linear evolution of society, of course not, and many aspects of past societies would be preferable to modern society. But that doesn't mean I can hate society. It just means I would prefer it to be different, much different indeed.

Think about it, why do you hate society? Because it has forced you into a life that you'd rather lead much differently, because it has brainwashed you mercilessly from birth, because it has shackled you to a dystopian reality. All of these are valid reasons to dislike society, but none of them are valid reasons to hate. Society is a part of reality, as much a part as you or I. Despite all the wrongs it has committed as a whole, it provides innumerable benefits to many. Even if society's sole purpose was mass-murder and genocide, I couldn't hate it. Because it came from us. All of us let society come into existence, and all of us help shape it's present and future. To hate society is to hate all of our ancestors, because they shaped the present and future of their particular portions of reality. They were the ones that caused us the grief we bear today, at the hands of societies we can't bear to live with and would never want to live without.

Clearly, society is ill. We must act as healers of society. Is a healer to hate the patient, merely because the patient is dislikeable or a personal burden? No, the healer must not hate the patient, the healer must accept the patient as he/she/it is at present and work to cure the patient, to make the patient better. Yes, in our case, the patient is particularly dislikeable and very much a burden. But we have to love it and nurture it, nourishing it with our particular medicine. We have to heal this patient, not only for ourselves, but for all the future inhabitants of Earth, human and non-human alike. Love can only help that goal, and hate can only hinder it.

A song that I feel is very relevant is called "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" and is written by Donovan Frankenreiter:


Color in sky Prussian blue
Scarlet fleece changes hue
Crimson ball sinks from view

Wear your love like heaven
Wear your love like
Wear your love like heaven
Wear your love like
Wear your love like heaven
Wear your love

Lord, kiss me once more, fill me with song
Allah, kiss me once more that I may, that I may

Wear my love like heaven
Wear my love like
Wear my love like heaven
Wear my love
La la, la la la, la la la, la la la

Color sky Havana lake
Color sky rose carmethene
Alizarian crimson

Can I believe what I see
All I have wished for will be
All our race proud and free


I don't think we have to be believers in the Lord or in Allah to appreciate what he means; I don't think that any divine force is central to the message of the song. Our ideal society can only come about by lovingly accepting the one already in place and working to change it, despite the many setbacks and burdens we may have to bear. Like a human, society does not want to change, but a static society is a dead society, and change must occur. Even if it has to be lovingly forced.

Wearing our love like heaven means that we can metaphorically wear our love as a shield against all the pain of society and life. We can be comfortable in this shield of love, we can be in our own personal heavens, despite whatever hells we may endure. Despite the hate directed at us, a shield of love, maintained with care and affection, can never be broken, as cheesy as it sounds. If we wear our love publicly and freely, no one can possibly pierce us with insults or threats. No one can kill the force that loves depite being assaulted on all sides. No one has the power to kill our freedom to wear our love, and this is our greatest attribute. We are Enduring and Immortal, inside our shield of love. And so, I love all that is, and nothing that is can ever break me.

Wear your love like heaven, brothers.

Written by: Druidus
18 January 2007

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