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The death penalty


Murder is bad. Killing another person on purpose is wrong... nobody should get away with it. But what do we do with them? Why do we have an executioner who gets paid to kill other people as a job? That doesn't seem right either. You'd have to be pretty cold and unfeeling to be an executioner and still manage to sleep at night.

In one sense it seems fair to give them the death penalty, since that's what they did to someone else. That's not too hard if it's a cold-blooded killer who isn't even sorry. But what if the person really really regrets it and admits he was wrong? Somehow then killing him doesn't seem right. Sure, a murderer could probably fake feeling sorry. That's the problem. There's no way of knowing...

The death penalty is also risky since there's always a chance of executing someone who's actually innocent. Many times prisoners on death row have been set free because of new evidence proving they didn't do it.

The whole death penalty idea is just too risky. Sure, some real bad murderers may get killed in the process. But some innocent people might also die, and that is enough reason alone to abolish the death penalty entirely. Having murderers spend their lives in jail might actually be a better option, and I've heard it's even cheaper than executions.

The only exception, I think, is if the person in question is some serial killer psycho that would be a danger to society if they escaped (and to the other prisoners in jail even!). But then they would have to be 100% sure he's guilty.

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1 January 2003

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