School Survival

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SoulRiser's comments on bullying in school.
by SoulRiser

I always was the "odd one out", the "class reject" or whatever you want to call it. The last one to be (reluctantly) chosen for class groups or sport events or whatever. No matter what I did, someone would find something negative to say about it, and the rest of the "cool crowd" would join in and laugh at me, mocking every attempt I would make to get them to change the subject.

I did actually have a few friends though. They never stood up for me. They only spoke to me when none of the "cool crowd" was around. The bullies would pick on them simply for being friends with me! There was one other girl in the class that was picked on almost as much as I was. She and my other "friends" had this "group" thing for a while, where we'd hang out at break and play games or whatever. It never lasted longer than a month without there being some sort of pointless fight involving me and her being kicked out because some of my "friends" had connections to the "cool crowd" and hanging out with me was bad for their "image". Strangely, I actually enjoyed the fights. I found them interesting, good experience to try and figure out how people think.

Too bad by the time I figured it out, it was too late to help me. Bullies thrive on being the center of attention. If they find something funny to say, they can be the center of attention by being the one to start a discussion / mocking session. Because most of them aren't actually creative enough to come up with something original themselves, they have to find someone else who is "original", and portray their originality as something worth laughing at, which makes the bullies feel good about themselves.

If they realise they can't have any fun by bullying you, they'll find something / someone else to amuse themselves with. Bullies can't stand feeling stupid (the truth hurts?). Trying to say intelligent things and outsmart them may make them feel stupid, but won't necessarily get them off your case, they might persist until you get tired of wasting your time talking to them, and then they come out looking like the "winner". For them, life itself is about "image". You've gotta feel sorry for the poor idiots :)

Written by: SoulRiser
1 January 2003

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