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Communal learning makes headlines

A school newspaper article about a cheating site that was shut down.
by SoulRiser

Jon emailed me and told me this: "I created an "Anti-School" site as well, but the school found out about it, and suspended me. Well, it was more of a cheating site. I set up a message board called "Communal Learning". Everyone could participate in adding homework to the site. Anyway, the site spread like wildfire and everyone in the school found out about it. That's when the faculty decided to put an end to this, they were secretly registered users on the site, monitored it's use and punished everyone affiliated with it that they could catch."

His school even wrote an article about his site and had it in the newspaper. Jon scanned it and sent it to me, and I converted it to plain text (unfortunately most of the formatting was lost in the process, but it's better than loading several big image files):

With not enough time and an
abundance of homework,
students find themselves


Instead of doing homework, just take it off the Internet. Several Munster Students apparently took this to heart when they created their own web site. The site, called Communal learning, sported the logo "learn the communal way or not at all" and posted answers to homework assignments. An entire chemistry notebook was put on sale on the website, along with orders for cheat sheets and tests for $10 and $15, according to Mr Steve Moell, math teacher, who first reported it to the administration. A computer in the business lab was used to dump the site, but any harm to the computer system is still under investigation, according to Mr. Michael O'Connor, principal. "The website wasn't a place designed do give students help just a way to get answers Mr. Moell said. "Kids had actually taken their homework and scanned it for other people to use" Mr. Moell said. Falling under thy realm of "cheating plagiarism, or dishonesty of any kind with respect to any assigned work paper or examination," equators and users of the site are susceptible to suspension for no more than five days, according to page 112 of the Student Handbook In addition, "physically damaging technological equipment, tampering with essential command files creating computer viruses, and other behaviors which constitute to destroy, abuse, contort or misuse technological equipment will result in suspension or expulsion from school according to page 107 of the Student Handbook "the incident is still being investigated, but since different individuals violated different things, different stages will have different consequences" Mr. Steven Tripenfeldas, assistant principal, said. Some students do not see the reason to these consequences. "Big deal; the kids cheat anyways," Tom Mourikis, junior, said. "What does it matter if it was on the internet?" Eighty percent of high-achieving high school students admitted to cheating at least once, while half of them did not believe that cheating was necessarily wrong according to a recent survey conducted by Who's Who Among High School Students. The website had homework and listings related to 25 MHS teachers and, in addition, bleed the North Building from accessing the website by using the server's identification number, according to Mr. Moell. "I was shocked because I actually trust the students I have," Mr Moell said. I thought that people with integrity were not capable of this." Creating a useful site that is also daring is one way of attaining popularity, according to Mr. Jeff Graves, science teacher. Teachers felt the time students spent get on the site could have been used more effectively, according to Mrs. Leigh Ann Westland, English teacher. "If you're going to spend all that time creating and using a website, just spend that time doing your homework instead," she said.

Most of Communal Learning was removed, but the message board is still there. You can get to it here.

Written by: SoulRiser
13 September 2001

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