School Survival

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Forced Education

The "right" to education gets forced onto people, which kinda ruins the whole idea.
by SoulRiser

People say everyone has a right to have an education. So why does this "right" to have an education get forced onto everyone? A right is something that's a priviledge, something that makes life better, but to force it onto everybody is crazy if you ask me. I think that learning in general is a good thing, but I don't agree with the way schools force the same "knowledge" onto everyone, because everybody's different, we can't all be expected to learn the same stuff and especially not in the same way. It's great to learn new things and find out stuff you didn't know before, and pretty soon kids figure out what interests them. I do think everybody needs a little basic general knowledge, but I think anyone will find out most general things for themselves sooner or later, and having to memorize it and write tests can suck the fun right out of anything. I think it's time schools become voluntary.

Written by: SoulRiser
27 February 2001

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