School Survival

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School is boring

School makes learning boring, and all you get in return is a stupid diploma.
by SoulRiser

There once was a time when kids looked forward to learning and discovering new things. Then compulsory schooling came along. For the first few years, it's exciting to find out about numbers, letters, reading and writing. Then come the tests and exams.

It was fun to find out about stuff for the first time, and to learn a bit more about it, but having to answer questions to prove that I was paying attention is no fun at all. It's no fun to learn about something by listening to a teacher list the facts and tell us what we'll need to remember for exams. That's not learning new things, that's memorizing boring facts. It's no fun having learned about something that was interesting, only to find out that we'll be going over the intricate details of it another 101 times before the exams. If that wasn't irritating enough, we get homework as well, which takes up the time we could spend doing something that's actually enjoyable.

All this for what? To be able to say that I am "educated"? No. It's all just for a diploma. 12 years, millions of details I will never remember again, many sleepless nights spent attempting to finish homework or do some project that is now locked up in a closet at school... all just so I can go to college. I could just as easily have taught myself everything I need to know to get along in whichever college course I may choose, in my own time, in whichever way I choose. The only difference... is that damned diploma.

Written by: SoulRiser
27 February 2002

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