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This is about those times when everyone piles work on your head and then just tells you to "manage your time properly".
by SoulRiser

I guess some schools moan more about this than others do. In my school in particular, it gets used often (but strangely only ever by teachers).

Don't you hate it when you've got a lot of projects and tests for one particular week, you've got a little too many afternoon activities, and when you complain if a teacher piles on the homework, they tell you to "learn to plan your time effectively" as if it's some sort of art. Sure, you get students who are "willing" to spend every waking hour on schoolwork, like if they have a spare minute they go over some work they did that day. But there aren't all that many students like that. The thing is, teachers see those types, and of course like them a lot cause they never complain. So they wish "if only they could all be like that", and maybe they think that mumbling the word "time-management" is gonna convert the "lazy" ones into productive ones... (productive for what??!)

All this is made even worse if you really REALLY don't feel up to having to do homework sometimes and would rather sleep (or do something fun). Next day comes, you get busted, you tell them "I didn't have time", they shout "time-management" at you, and throw you in detention (which wastes even more time). And they think it does you good.

Having a lot of stuff you have to do naturally makes you stress (unless you're lucky you're in a school where they never check homework). If you think about it, you're really stressing for nothing. Nothing bad will happen to anyone if you just don't do it. No-one will die, no-one will get hurt, but you will be punished anyway. Nobody will really benefit if you do it either, unless getting a little star-sticker counts. They should learn to respect other people's decisions too.

Update: 15 May 2009

9 years later... I've read stuff about productivity and time management on other sites a few times. Guess what most of them agree on? You should always do the most important things first, and then if you have time left over you can get around to the other stuff. The problem with school is that everyone just assumes that the schoolwork is the most important thing, even when it isn't. The most important thing is whatever YOU decide it is, nobody else has the right to make that choice for you. So don't let them.

Written by: SoulRiser
12 April 2000

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