"There is nothing on earth intended for innocent people so horrible as a school" - George Bernard Shaw (Nobel Prize winner)

WhAt's EduCatiOn tO yOu??

by osbska

If you have known me at all, one of the things you have come to know about me, is that I have an undying hate for school. Yes, I complain about it a lot, and yes, sometimes I feel it appropriate not to go, but if I can just have your agreement on this, maybe we are on the same level. The education system sucks. Now, this is purely my opinion. I have been through 3 school systems, one in South Brunswick, one in Florida, and now here in Edison, each having itís own backwards and useless qualities in general. One thing I will admit to however, is that yes, education is vital in life for jobs, money, and all around knowledge that we forget as life goes on. Allow me to say this-there is a big difference between intelligence, and education. Intelligence is not getting Aís and Bís, itís not getting a good SAT score. Intelligence is not a number, or a letter, itís what you know inside. Itís how open minded you are, how far you are willing to take yourself, and how your eyes, ears, and mouth are always open. When I say this, I mean that itís all an even exchange. Those are things they will never teach you in school. Things you learn as you go on, and things you instill in yourself to do what's right for YOU. In my opinion, education is pre set knowledge we are fed to serve society. Yes, some of it we use, hell, a lot of it we use, but Iím speaking about the oppressive ideas we are fed as well. The people that talk down to us, are the same people our parents are paying to teach us, and where does this money go? My parents are paying plenty of taxes for the school system, but where are the decent books? The better classrooms? Why did the student council have to raise money to pay for a new auditorium? And why did the student council have to raise money to fix our roofs? Well, in all, Iím saying that the school system is a joke. Hire teachers who want to teach, and at least know how to, take our money and put it to good use, remove the bias and oppressiveness I see all to often, (or at least try to hide it), and maybe in another life I will consider doing it all over again. Until then what can I say? Educate YOURSELF, go out, learn things you want to know, instill your own ideas. Donít rely on schooling alone to ďeducateĒ yourself. A book can not teach you how to live. A book can not teach you who YOU ARE.

Written by: osbska
13 September 2001

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