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Why cheat in school?

The main reasons why students cheat in school.
by SoulRiser

There are two types of cheaters in school, and The (infamous) Stereotype.

Kids who love to learn, but hate school

These are usually horribly bored with the curriculum and the way it is carried out - tests, repetitive exercises, lectures, etc. They may be interested in a lesson the first time it is taught, but interest sharply declines after that, which results in them sleeping in class, not doing their work, and then cheating to pass the tests - which mainly test how well they can memorize like a parrot.

Kids who have to prove something

Stress and pressure. Sometimes it even happens to A students who work for their grades. Sometimes the pressure from parents and teachers who expect the world from them just becomes too much, and they worry so much about whether or not they are going to let someone down, that they resort to cheating for "just in case". Some A+ students think that if they get so much as an A- or less, their parents and teachers will stop loving them and the world will end.

The Stereotype

And then there's the stereotype - "stupid, lazy, rebels without a cause". I'm not sure these really exist, because I have never met one. They're probably more like the first type, but come across as lazy because they complain more than other people. Just watch them when they're doing something they love out of their own free will, and all the laziness suddenly disappears.

Written by: SoulRiser
31 October 2005

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