"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything" - Alexander Hamilton

A Disgruntled Youth in a Divided America

by Meistero

Today children and teenagers are living in a divided America, which are divided by nationality, age, religoun, sex, obligations to society, goals, oh and my personal favorite, sexual orienitation. We, the youth, the next generation of America, the ones that will have to have the burden passed on to us of whatever the older generation screws up or gets right, are being disriminated, wrongly. We, the youth, have no rights in America. We have some advantages like only having to go to Juviee and getting lesser penalities then if we were over 18, but even that is changing quickly, as many senators and the "people" are becomming more desperate and rather then just to at least try to make a difference like volunteering or pour some money that they use for things like paying off foreighn-debt or the military, back into poverty-stricken areas they claim, "children" are becomming more violent and need discipline. I am not saying that statement isn't true. Many teenagers are becomming more violent and some of them do need to be more patient and "disciplined" but its just riducolous of the ways they think that we can be "saved" by them. I don't know what its like where you live but I come from California (that's rite, where America gets her fruits and nuts) and a proposition was passed granting a proscueter the right to sentence anyone over 14 to jail, without the judge's permission. If you damage any public or private property worth over $500.00 ( five hundred precious govenment-issued taxed dollars), accidently or freely, you can get arrested and tryed to the full extent of the law. We have to stay with our guardianss, by law, until we're 18. We have to go to school until we get all our credits to graduate. Hell we're not being saved, we're being oppressed. I would like to mention another proposistion was passed making marriage for Gays/Lesbians couples officaly illegal. Now that's freedom. There's some good proposals. In my county for example, a measure was passed giving youth minimal punishment for the ownership of maijuana. Every where I go see people working together, trying to make a difference in the world that we have and will live in. I would personally like to thank those people that are trying to build a more equal and better world not necessarily for them, but for the generations after them. But I see more and more teenagers, and not just teenagers, I see gays, blacks, etc. getting discriminated just because the people at the top are disgusted by others views and ideas. How can they be disgusted by others views when they aren't the ones that have to grow up in America today. When they aren't the ones that have to go to schools with metal detectors and policemen that make sure we're kept in order. We are the future of America, and yet most of us are being treated like second class citizens and have to sit back and watch the congressmen take money originally meant for us and spend it on improving tanks and jets, on things like keeping over-sea investors and investments happy, and ensuring a steady supply of global goods. The list just goes on and on and in the end we're going have to be the ones that'll pay for it in the too-near future.

Written by: Meistero
14 June 2002

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