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July 23, 2010:

Mississippi school pays damages to lesbian teen over prom dispute (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 5:10 PM

A school district in Mississippi has agreed to pay a recent high school graduate $35,000 in damages and adopt a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, according to a statement released Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union. The settlement comes after the ACLU sued the school district in Fulton, Mississippi, on behalf of […]

March 24, 2010:

Prom canceled after lesbian's date request (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 8:30 PM

A Mississippi county school board announced Wednesday it would cancel its upcoming prom after a gay student petitioned to bring a same-sex date to the event. "Due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events, the Itawamba County School District has decided to not host a prom at Itawamba Agricultural High School […]

February 4, 2010:

British Airways sued for treating all men like perverts (1 Comment)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 8:13 PM

A businessman is suing British Airways over a policy that bans male passengers from sitting next to children they don't know - even if the child's parents are on the same flight. Mirko Fischer has accused the airline of branding all men as potential sex offenders and says innocent travellers are being publicly humiliated. In […]

November 14, 2009:

Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School? (2 Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 6:33 PM

BY now, most high school dress codes have just about done away with the guesswork. Girls: no midriff-baring blouses, stiletto heels, miniskirts. Boys: no sagging pants, muscle shirts. But do the math. “Rules” + “teenager” = “challenges.” If the skirt is an acceptable length, can a boy wear it? Can a girl attend her prom […]

July 1, 2009:

Parents keep child's gender a secret (5 Comments)Posted in: News by Puchiko @ 9:46 AM

(June 29) - A Swedish couple's decision to keep their toddler's gender a secret is stirring debate, especially now that the parents are expecting a second child. "Pop" is 2 ½ years old, but so far only those who change the child's diapers know whether the youngster is a boy or a girl, TheLocal.se, an […]

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