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Mississippi school pays damages to lesbian teen over prom dispute

A school district in Mississippi has agreed to pay a recent high school graduate $35,000 in damages and adopt a policy prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, according to a statement released Tuesday by the American Civil Liberties Union. The settlement comes after the ACLU sued the school district in Fulton, Mississippi, on behalf of […]

Sweden bans homeschooling

Home-school ban in Sweden forces families to mull leaving. A small change in Sweden's schooling law is about to make a big difference for Swedish home-schooling families, potentially causing them to flee to other countries or bring cases to international courts to protect religious and parental rights in the socialist country. The Swedish Liberal Party […]

American creativity is declining - and how to fix it

The Creativity Crisis For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong—and how we can fix it. Back in 1958, Ted Schwarzrock was an 8-year-old third grader when he became one of the “Torrance kids,” a group of nearly 400 Minneapolis children who completed a series of creativity tasks newly […]

Voting rights urged for 16 and 17 year olds in UK #16tovote

The voting age should be dropped to 16, according to a major think-tank. Demos claims that one million people aged 16 and 17 are disenfranchised by "outdated" attitudes, and that the case for change is "stronger than ever". Demos director Richard Reeves said at 16 young people were old enoug to work and pay tax […]

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

Julio Diaz has a daily routine. Every night, the 31-year-old social worker ends his hour-long subway commute to the Bronx one stop early, just so he can eat at his favorite diner. But one night last month, as Diaz stepped off the No. 6 train and onto a nearly empty platform, his evening took an […]

11-Year-Old Grows Tons of Veggies for the Homeless

It all began in third grade, when Katie Stagliano's 40-pound cabbage fed 275 homeless people. Now, Katie's six gardens have produced over 4,000 pounds of vegetables to feed the needy. When Katie Stagliano was in third grade, she planted a cabbage in her family's small garden. When it grew to an astounding 40 pounds, she […]

Alternative Schools for GLBT Youth Proposed

For many gay rights activists, 2010 will be the year remembered for ups and downs in the name of advocacy. While the community won many deserved victories in the name of equality, including the beginning steps to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” there were a number of reminders that we have a long way to […]

The quiet life in a child-free village

Sections of the media made it out to be a place for "child-hating ogres", according to one estate agent. Residents of Firhall, built in the early Noughties on the outskirts of Nairn in the Highlands, must abide by certain rules. The deeds for their properties prohibit the keeping of ducks, rabbits, pigeons and bees. Households […]

D.C. Police Warn Kids About Summer Curfew

But do curfews actually work? The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department is doing a big campaign to let the city’s youngest residents know that if they’re out on the streets just one minute past midnight this summer, they’re in trouble. Posters asking “Are U In?” warn that it’s breaking curfew for anyone under 17 to be […]

Killer, 13, sent to juvenile detention until age 21

A Michigan judge ordered a 13-year-old boy convicted of murdering a woman during a robbery to remain in juvenile detention until he turns 21. Wayne County Judge Sheila Gibson gave Demarco Harris a blended sentence. The Detroit teen, who committed the crime when he was 12, will be re-evaluated by the court after his 21st […]

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