"Those in society who are in charge of schools must never forget that the parents have been appointed by God himself as the first and principal educators of their children and that their right is completely inalienable." - Pope John Paul II

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December 8, 2010:

Republicans Sink Bill to Prevent Abuse in Teen Behavior Schools (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 8:01 PM

As Congress fights this week over taxes, the deficit commission and finally ending "don't ask, don't tell" another issue involving the health and safety of tens of thousands of American teens has flown under the radar. Last year, with broad bipartisan support, the US House of Representatives passed HR 911, the Stop Child Abuse in […]

October 6, 2010:

Police charge teacher with breaking student's arm (2 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 3:21 AM

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- A Fayetteville teacher is accused of breaking a five-year-old student's arm while trying to apply what's called a therapeutic hold. Cumberland County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Debbie Tanna says Jackie Bennett faces assault and child abuse charges. The 57-year-old teaches students with disabilities at J.W. Coon Elementary School in Fayetteville. Bennett told […]

August 20, 2010:

Congresswoman aims to stop corporal punishment (1 Comment)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 10:33 PM

(CNN) -- A congresswoman who is fighting to improve public education says that paddling in schools has got to stop. "The bottom line is that if we don't allow beatings in prisons or in mental institutions, then it's time we stop allowing it in our schools," said Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-New York. McCarthy recently introduced […]

August 13, 2010:

Schwarzenegger Wants Violent Games To Be Completely Illegal For Under 18's (7 Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 7:42 AM

From NYRA: Schwarzenegger v Gamers - Help Us Fight Back Arnold is trying to take away your games. Don’t let him. California passed a law that would ban the sale of all “violent” video games to individuals under 18. The case of whether or not this law is Constitutional is going before the US Supreme […]

August 8, 2010:

Help HR 911, Help Stop Abusive Behavior Modification Programs! (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 12:20 AM

Support H.R. 911 H.R. 911 is a bill that is meant to stop and prohibit teen behavior modification camps from abusing and neglecting children and teens. As you know, teens and children are abused daily going without food, water and essentials. Some are beaten and sexually assaulted in these camps. In order to prevent all […]

August 6, 2010:

Teen Chained In Home For 2 Days (Parents Arrested) (4 Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 1:59 AM

A father and stepmother have been arrested after they allegedly chained a teen to a kitchen table and physically abused him for two days before he managed to escape, according to authorities. Sacramento police said they found the 13-year-old victim asking neighbors for help on the 7300 block of Winnett Way just before 10:00 p.m. […]

July 22, 2010:

Ban corporal punishment in the schools (No Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 2:51 PM

The Secular Coalition of America announced this weekend that it is supporting legislation that would ban the use of force against children as a punishment in both public and private schools. The legislation is sponsored by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) and is called the Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act (HR 5628). The bill currently […]

July 13, 2010:

"Above all, do no harm" (No Comments)Posted in: Commentary by SoulRiser @ 10:08 PM

by Maureen Costello Some things that happen in school are just not right. It’s not right for a six-year old boy to be handcuffed and shackled to a chair by an armed security officer because he “acted up” in school. But that’s exactly what happened at the Sarah T. Reed Elementary School, in New Orleans, […]

July 11, 2010:

UK Teachers To Use Physical Force On Students (7 Comments)Posted in: News by SoulRiser @ 9:54 PM

Teachers are to get tougher powers - and clearer guidance on using physical force - to deal with unruly pupils, the Government will announce. Courts will be told to heed new guidlines on force being used to remove youngsters from classrooms or restrain troublemakers. Search powers are to be beefed up too, allowing kids to […]

July 10, 2010:

Alternative Schools for GLBT Youth Proposed (No Comments)Posted in: News by NewsBot @ 3:35 AM

For many gay rights activists, 2010 will be the year remembered for ups and downs in the name of advocacy. While the community won many deserved victories in the name of equality, including the beginning steps to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” there were a number of reminders that we have a long way to […]

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