School Survival

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Useless Homework Excuses

These are some excuses that most probably won't be believed by the average teacher (or anyone, come to think of it) ;-)

I couldn't write yesterday afternoon, I don't understand it, my hand just refused to write. I don't know what got into it, it was like it had a mind of its own, it just wouldn't respond to what I told it to do.

I couldn't find my mind... I was sure I had it backed up on a disk somewhere, but I just couldn't find it yesterday.

I'm afraid I simply had better things to do.

My dog looked so lonely yesterday, I didn't have the heart to leave him all alone, so I decided to spend some time with him. I lost track of time, and by the time I finally got to my homework, I realised my dog had licked my hand so much that it had become paralyzed.

I had a very difficult choice to make: go to the beach with friends, or sit and do my homework. I chose to go to the beach, because my friends are more important to me than your homework will ever be.

I did do it all, but before I got a chance to save, my book crashed and I lost it all.

My pen ran out of ink, so I went to buy another pen, but I got lost on my way back and eventually got taken home by a tourist who luckily had a map with him. By that time it was late, and I tried my pen but I found it was a dud, and I couldn't go back again or I would never find my way home.

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