School Survival

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School Survival Guide

This text file is a collection of the content found at - the reason this was done was to give anyone an easy way to distribute the information on the site. Print it, copy it, host it on your site, go ahead! Just don't edit the file in any way.

It would be difficult to include every single page on the entire site in one measly text file, so only the most "important" pages will be included. What's "important", you might ask? The most informational or well-written articles, for example. Things submitted by visitors, like pranks or things like that as well. Basically, sort of like a condensed version of the site, for easy reference at school or wherever else you may be. Printers love text files, too ;)

To open the file, you will need EITHER WinZip, WinRAR, PKware Zip Reader or FreeZip - WinZip and WinRAR are shareware, PKware and FreeZip are completely free. - Version 1.3

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