School Survival

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Pledge Protest
The bell had just finished ringing to announce that everyone should be in homeroom. Then the morning announcements began, but first preceded by the daily pledge of allegiance. As usual everyone had to stop what they were doing, stand, raise their right hand to their heart, and recite as though they have no choice. Many whine and question about doing this, but still they stand just not to get in trouble. On this particular Monday a student named Shonowa was questioned on her refusal to stand. The teacher unsure of how to handle the situation holds off on her authority to punish, while she gets a second opinion.

The next day, her teacher asked Shonowa to head down to the assistant principals office for refusing to stand up for the daily pledge of allegiance. Shonowa, sure of her first of amendment rights, was met by the assistant principal with little tolerance. He barely let Shonowa say anything to explain her reasons for refusing to stand, and denied her constitutional rights. He told Shonowa to call the ACLU, and while she's at it he added to say "when you speak to them don't tell that I threatened to kill you, just give them the facts." Shonowa then questioned this by saying, "why would I say something like, if you didn't say it." He replied "I had to refrain myself from saying it." Then he asked if they had a deal, but Shonowa said she'd rather do some more research. The assistant principal then said if she
returned to his office the next day, it wouldn't be a discussion anymore, but it would be a talk about her attending another school.

On the third day she refused to stand up again, and was sent to his office. Shonowa came prepared this time with a voice recorder(hidden). She recorded the whole conversation, and he even his threats to suspend her from school
and take away her diploma (among others). He was also angry that she was interviewed by the school newspaper. So he then asked to meet with her mother the next morning. The assistant principal called her mother, but her Mom respecting her daughters first amendment rights was outraged and began to gather support from her work, family, and other people.

By the fourth day the assistant principal called her Mom to apologize to her and Shonowa. They were a little confused to what made him change his mind. Maybe he did a little research of his own and found that Shonowa did have a right to refuse.

Her resistance and courage is an example for many of us to stand up or refuse to stand (like in this case) for what you believe is morally right.

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