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A Poem by Adrienne

by Adrienne

this place is a prison with invisable bars
the door shut tight and the doors locked closed.
the darkness fills this place with emptiness
and no light can be found at the end of the tunnel.

in this place there are no opinions except the one
if you disobey you dissapeer for a day .
This place fills my head with lies daily.
the half of it junk; useless info never to assist me.

In my bar-less jail cell I have inmates.
Most of them bullies who always win.
Lives built around the lies forced upon us,
brainwashed humans turned into robots.

In my place you are not aloud to leave
You must sit there and remain in your cell
Calm as if nothing wrong is going on
calm as if you arnt being driven insane

Told what to do, what to learn and what to think
They tell you what to wear and what is wrong
They tell you that they are right, without sharing their proof
In a place without snse, only contridictions I am dying.

In a place without trust the silence runs low
but the noise even lower
no one stand up for the prisoners
when will the tryanny end?

When will the thinkers crack?
tommarow today or yesterday
When will all this make sense
and when will the mighty fall?

Written by: Adrienne
10 June 2004

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Posted by:
(alleycat199879 AT gmail DOT com )

20 March 2012
u make no scense

Posted by:
(sarahlifen AT gmail DOT com )

8 December 2011
I thought this was a really good essay. I do agree, however, that school does teach some necessary things, such as proper grammar, some math and science skills, etc. I do like your insight on how school sometimes prevents thinking abstractly - the they tell us what's what part. Overall, I like it even if I disagree with some things. :)

Posted by:
daddy green jeans
28 April 2011
@maggie jones
this poem is not anti-eduction. it's anti-school. maybe you should read about the point of the site before commenting.

Posted by:
(shanedonnelly2008 AT hotmail DOT com )

19 January 2011
Great poem mate really says somethin about the education system.It doesn't teach us skills or knowledge we actually need.

Posted by:
Julia Fortner
(jam DOT nagri AT hotmail DOT com )

18 July 2010
I love ur poem... it has so much meaning in it... i was sezrchin funny *i hate skl* poems but i saw this 1 and i was in shock. u hav done an AMAZING job!!

Posted by:

13 April 2010
Great poem, ignore the haters, their just jelious of some great piece of writing.

Posted by:
21 March 2010
to those who call it shit, gay emo etc. you see its stupid people like you thats also why we hate school to those who type rude and (for some of yall) uneccissary comments like its emo or whatever.yall are just some efin stereotypes.

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