School Survival

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Anti-School Wallpaper

These are all large sizes, if you want smaller ones you'll have to either have Windows resize it to fit your screen automatically (doesn't look so good), or resize it yourself in something like Irfanview, which is free :)
salute2xc4 Kirby1280
Nazi Salute, by Kirby

Simple Large Logo

End of School

Drew this soon after I graduated at the end of 2000. Also made a Half-Life and Counter-Strike map of the place ;)

NOTE: If you're in the USA, don't download this image. Chances are good you'll get branded as a terrorist just for being in the same room as a computer with this picture on its hard drive. :P

Design your own
Here is a large transparent site badge logo you can download and use in your own wallpapers/posters/t-shirts/whatever:
ss-badge-transparent.png (155KB)
It's a 24-bit .PNG file, so you'll need something a bit more complex than Windows Paint :P

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