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July 16, 2018:

Main Website Portuguese Translation/ Tradução Para Português Do Site (No Comments)Posted in: Site Updates by Luizao876 @ 6:39 PM

Objetivo Do Site: Este é um site para alunos que não querem estar sendo forçados a ir para a escola. Nós não estamos dizendo para você cair fora, rebeliar-se ou fazer qualquer coisa em particular. O que você faz é uma decisão sua e somente sua, nós só podemos dar suporte e informações para qualquer […]

August 4, 2012:

SS Forums Back Up (No Comments)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 12:08 AM

Read all about it here :) Okay, so there's not much to read... but check it out anyway. There's some new features and stuff.

June 8, 2012:

SS Forums Down Until Further Notice (66 Comments)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 9:07 PM

UPDATE: The forums are back up! I'll leave them in read-only mode for now. If you want to keep in contact with people from the forums, you should get their contact details via PM or something. Maybe one of you can create another forum somewhere else (in fact, please do... it's a free internet). Why? […]

January 21, 2010:

Schooling: The hidden agenda (a speech by Daniel Quinn) (3 Comments)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 10:32 AM

New article added to the articles section: Schooling: The hidden agenda. It's a speech Daniel Quinn (author of Ishmael) gave at a home-schooling/unschooling conference. For those of you with short attention spans, here are some snippets I found interesting. I've even bolded some parts so if you have very SEVERE attention span issues, you can […]

January 19, 2010:

The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought? (No Comments)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 6:05 PM

Added new article by John Taylor Gatto, called "The Public School Nightmare: Why fix a system designed to destroy individual thought?" Click here to read it. I personally think it's one of the best articles I've ever read about public schooling.

January 17, 2010:

List of online schools updated (1 Comment)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 6:34 PM

I updated the list of online schools in the US. New states added (these were not listed at all before): Alaska Delaware Maryland New Jersey New York North Dakota Virginia West Virginia New online schools added to these states: Arizona California Hawaii Illinois Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nevada North Carolina Oklahoma Oregon Pennysylvania South Carolina […]

January 2, 2010:

List of online high schools in the US (No Comments)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 10:39 PM

I made a list of all the online schools in the US that I know of. (more info on online schooling) Click on a state to see a list of online high schools (virtual schools) available in that state, as well as a link to each one's website:

New Feature: Homework Search (1 Comment)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 7:38 PM

I've added a search engine (powered by Google) that will search encyclopedia sites, book summaries, essays, books, images and more... all at the same time. Homework Search - Try it out... I can make it search any site that Google can search, so feel free to suggest sites to add.

December 28, 2009:

Alternative Education in Germany (1 Comment)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 7:07 PM

I've added more info to the Alternative Education in Germany page on the wiki. Most of it was taken and auto-translated from the German Wikipedia using Google Translate - so some of the English isn't very good. I don't really have time to fix that, so I just left it as-is. I'm going to do […]

July 1, 2009:

Article by Dr. Robert Epstein (No Comments)Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser @ 4:05 PM

It's called Let's abolish high school, and it's in the articles section. Go check it out. Also, all site updates will be posted on the blog from now on. :) Robert Epstein is a former editor in chief of Psychology Today, a contributing editor for Scientific American Mind, a visiting scholar at the University of […]

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