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SS Forums Down Until Further Notice

UPDATE: The forums are back up!

I'll leave them in read-only mode for now. If you want to keep in contact with people from the forums, you should get their contact details via PM or something. Maybe one of you can create another forum somewhere else (in fact, please do... it's a free internet).

Why? I'm just tired of it. I'm the admin, so I can't really just "take a break" without missing out on a lot of stuff that I really shouldn't miss out on because, well, I'm the admin. Which brings me back to: someone else please feel free to make another forum.

To everyone who needs advice or something: Do whatever you can to make your life better, even if everyone else thinks you're insane. Believe in yourself and do what needs to be done. Screw the unbelievers. :P

Thanks for everything though, I learned a lot from everyone here. I hope you guys set up an awesome new forum or whatever you decide to do.

If you're interested in making a new forum, I recommend or for domains, and for hosting. MyBB or phpBB for the scripting, both of which I believe can be auto-installed from HawkHost's control panel. I use MySQLDumper for making auto-backups. If someone else makes a new forum, I'll link to it prominently from the old forums so people can find it.

Feel free to use the comments here to discuss this or whatever, but don't bother trying to talk me out of this. I'm done. That is all.

EDIT: Here's a link to the new forums, hosted by Lunatic

Where to next? Pick one!

Posted in: Site Updates on June 8, 2012 @ 9:07 PM

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