"Our schools are, in a sense, factories, in which the raw products (children) are to be shaped and fashioned into products to meet the various demands of life. The specifications for manufacturing come from the demands of twentieth-century civilization, and it is the business of the school to build its pupils according to the specifications laid down." - Ellwood P. Cubberley, Dean of the Stanford University School of Education

High School Senior Pranks

School makes learning boring, but there are alternatives to school that make learning interesting. You can also finish high school online at your own pace without having to wait for anyone.

There will be no prank listed here that involves making a huge mess or breaking stuff - because who has to clean that up? The janitor/cleaner, and what did they ever do to you? Have some morals people - give the poor cleaners a break :P

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Ideas for high school senior pranks to play:

Parked In
Submitted by John01
Park all your cars in a circle around the school... so close together that a person would have to climb over a car to get to the building.
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Annoying Song
Submitted by Lauren
For a week straight sing the same dumb song in class every 10 minutes, just so the teacher gets annoyed by that song. Then after about one week of doing it, quit. About a week after that, put a tape recording of the song on a loop. Then hide the player in the ceiling. It will play for hours and hours and the teacher will have no clue where it is.
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For Sale
Submitted by lollies
Try planting hundreds of "For Sale" signs on the school’s lawn, filling the office with balloons, popcorn, or styrofoam peanuts, or writing the graduation year on every car in the parking lot with mild soap.
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Non-removable flowers
Submitted by lolcats
In most states (check yours) it is illegal to dig up the state flower (or sometimes tree). So if you plant the state flower in the shape of your class year (or spell out anything else you want), then they cannot legally dig them up.
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A Tree
Submitted by Bruce Breander
Put a tree on the football field or other place on school grounds
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Alarm Clock Madness
Submitted by John01
Set alarm clocks to go off about 2 minutes from each other. Hide them all around the school. in lockers, bathrooms, ceiling tiles, vents, etc.
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Cable Swap
Submitted by Funny Guy
One harmless joke is to switch cables on all the computers so the keyboard from one controls another.
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Principal's Car
Submitted by lolcats
Students jacked the back end of the principlal's car up, placed blocks under the rear axle and let the car down so the rear tires rested about 1/4 of an inch off the ground. When he climbed in and started the car it went nowhere without traction.
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Car Sale
Submitted by XXmandyXX
Turn the faculty parking lot into a used car lot, complete with balloons, salesmen in suits, window stickers, and soap drawn prices - if possible, get giant blow up animal.
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Submitted by JackSully
The entire senior class can camp out in the front yard of the school.
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Other Exit
Submitted by Funny Guy
Place signs on all the exit doors saying, "Please Use the Other Door."
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Ninja Fights
Submitted by Blue
get all the kids in your grade and you all have to wear ninja out fits do fights in the hall way and anything use you want to do come to a place like school wear a black out fit the in the halls. when you get in the halls then put the head peace on. Its a fun prank.for any grade.
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Exchange Student
Submitted by Fran
If you have a substitute teacher pretend that you are a foreign exchange student. Speak in an accent, make your grammar as bad as possible (a fun thing to say to the teacher is "how do I english?") and ask them to explain what words mean. This may not waste time but it will definetly amuse the class, just as long as no one dobs you in.
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Submitted by dylan
get access to as many crickets as you can.then the night before graduation take the crickets to the school.let them go.the more crickets you have the better.release the crickets inside the school some how.then the next day when you come to school there will be crickets every where.all the girls will be flipping out and screaming.bring ear plugs so you dont loose hearing because girls screming in the hall or inside the whole school means alot of eqowing
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Paper Spam
Submitted by YO mama
1 night do hw assignment tiwce, make the scond different, and make 10 copies w/o name. then turn them in and some teachers will get pisssed becuase they wot know whose paper it is
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Submitted by zombiehead
Put a huge Zombies Ahead sign out front. Then everyone dress like a zombie.
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Greased Pig
Submitted by Funny Guy
In 1969 the senior assembly at Maine West Township High School in Des Plaines, Illinois witnessed the release of a greased pig. In this large suburb of Chicago, not many knew much about farm animals and the teachers and administrators trying to catch a greased pig brought waves of laughter from the student body. The perpetrators were never caught.
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Submitted by Nikki
if you put scotch tape on a projector then it is impossible to become clear so while your teacher is trying to get it clear you have some free time to do....whatever you want!
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Play the Tape
Submitted by joe
take an old tape and (if your homeroom teacher has an audiobook player) make a copy of an old tape and pop it in when he/she isnt looking. before leaving, hit play. try to get someone else (that you can trust) in on it too that leaves after you to tell you how it went.**make sure to record about a minute of NOTHING so you have time to get out after you hit play** -if ya wanna up one better ( i dont have the guts to do it) put it in the player in the office so it plays throughout the whole school.
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Tin Foiled
Submitted by sirah hosni
wrap everything in the class in tin foil: thats right, chairs, tables, desks, chalk, markers, couches and other furniture, and whatever else you can wrap in tin foil.
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Submitted by ashley
well first you need to find a HUMONGOUS pair of panties and make a big sign{a colorful sign will will grab more attention} and hang it on a bulletin board in the hall or a window...
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