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10 Good pranks for school

Hello and welcome, pranksters! If you try any of the pranks listed on this site, you really should come and tell us how it went on the forums here. We're always looking for a good laugh :)

Here are 10 good prank ideas for school:

  1. get 4 aromadillos and paint 1,2,3,and5 on them... set them loose and kick back while they search for the fourth one...if the treachers lock your class in a room sob loudly and say ur terrified of armidillos.. they cant send u too the office because ur too scared to go down the hall!!
  2. a fun school prank is to tie your shoe laces together with a mate tie it so tight that you cant get it undone and make sure your late and when you walk in you make tons of noise going ONE,TWO,ONE,TWO ans so on and if the teacher says untie them immediatly say ok and wait about 10 minutes and if the teacher says if you cant get them undone im going to have to cut them say never really loud an run out the classroom as fast as you can with them still tied together and yell ONE,TWO,ONE,TWO at the top of your lungs and run off and then come back when the you have untied them and walk into the classroom like nothing had happened before
  3. If your school sells birthday balloons in the school store buy one for your teacher (when its not their birtday) then spend time in class singing happy birthday, asking them how old they are, what their favorite birthday gift is, and soone they will talk about their birthday for the whole class period.
  4. If your in lunch an they serve sugar cookies, buy 2 of them. Get some salt and spinkle it on one of the cookies leaving one for you. Then hand the temperd cookie toa freind,foe
  5. One of the most affective prank that has been pulled among my classmates and me, was the old "stuck door". The best period to this in would be English, History, Maths and language class. These are the most boring-I'm sure you'll agree. You need to make sure that all members of the class are in the room and on time. Close the door and simply stick a chair underneath the handle. That way, when the teacher comes to open it, it wont open as the chair prevents it. The teacher will be acting like a lunatic and the caretaker will have to be called to take the door off the hinges. Quickly remove the chair when this happens or else you'll get caught.
  6. if you hav an ag class and its a wet day with mud around get all muddy and then make out you sliped up and then you will get to go home for a shower and get new cloths
  7. When your getting dressed wear something with a graphic or colors on the front. Then at school make sure the teacher looks at you then when they turn around, turn your shirt 180 degrees so that the colors and stuff are on the back and the blank back is on the front. Do this multiple times switching from colored to blank.
  8. talk to your whole class and tell everybody to skip whatever class it may be. when the bell rings the teach will be sitting there all alone in the classroom wondering why nobody is there..hah! funny teacher prank!
  9. if the teacher calls on you for an answer or explanation (not a question, and also preferablly if it was voluntarily or you gotta have are good at coming up with stuff on the spot), make what you gotta say long and start out in your seat and evetnually work towards getting at the spot the teacher lectures from and start goin on as if youre the teacher. Continue as long as possible, either till you ran out of stuff to say, till the teacher sends you back to your seat or if you really can pull it then till the end of class
  10. if your teacher comes around to check your homework and you dont have it, start having a breakdown or panic attack of some sort, either make it look totally realistic if youre a good at that, or try to make it look really sarcastic if you aint so you can at least make it have meaning instead of just poorly faking it

If you have any more good pranks for school, post them in the comments. :)

Posted in: X on May 12, 2006 @ 3:32 PM


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