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4 students cited in protest over tardy fees at Skyline High

Four students were cited and released after a protest Friday morning at Skyline High School. 

About 100 students were involved in the protest over tardy tickets, which require those late to class to pay five dollars per ticket. The protest started out as peaceful, then turned disruptive.

Resource officers were first called in and then Unified Police officers had to intervene after a handful of students got out of control. Four students ended up in handcuffs and were cited and released including sophomore Jack Hallenburg.

"We were taken out at the entrance of Skyline. I asked a question to the cop and he took me off to the side," said Hallenburg. "I didn't say anything, but another cop with a bad attitude...he had every right to be kinda mad came over and I wasn't really able to say anything and then I got put in cuffs."

Skyline High Principal Doug Bingham met with students to discuss the policy.
"We pulled them together and talked to them a bit," Bingham said. "It sounds like their biggest concern is when they're hustling and trying to get to class on time and maybe they're three to five seconds late or ten seconds late, granted they're still late and then we stop them and write a ticket and so then they are a little more late. And from what I have been able to tell it seems quite frustrating to them."

The tardy fee structure has been implemented throughout the entire Granite School District and not just Skyline High. Those who have been monitoring it say it has cut down on instances of tardiness by about 60 percent.

"The policy has been effective and we want to find a way that works for the students and at the time helps get kids to class on time," said Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley.

School officials say they will meet with students to listen to their concerns.
Carissa Harward, a student at Skyline High, talked to FOX 13 and expressed her frustration over the tardy fees.

"The charges...they are just stupid," she said. "I mean we have to pay five dollars to be like 30 seconds late and our parents aren't very happy about that and we're not happy."


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