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8th-Grader Punished After Reporting Students Had Sex On Bus

DAYTON, Ohio -- An eighth-grade charter school student who said she saw two classmates having sex on a bus during a group spring break trip is being punished for reporting the incident, her mother said. 

The girl, who goes to Dayton View Academy, waited until she got home to tell her mom what she saw. The school is punishing her for not telling chaperons who were on the bus at the time it happened.

"If you tell something on a kid, you have to look for the response from that child and at the time," said Saundra Roundtree, the girl's mother. "She was afraid. I told her 'don't say anything when you are at school. I will handle it.' "

Roundtree said her daughter won't be able to go to her eighth-grade prom or the class picnic. The students who reportedly had sex are being punished as well, but Roundtree feels as though disciplining her daughter sends the wrong message. She added that all eight chaperons were sitting in the front of the bus watching a movie when the incident occurred.

"That says that 'yea you go ahead and tell but you are going to get in trouble for it,' " Roundtree said. "Even if she knew about the act, I feel like the chaperons should have known about it before her."

Roundtree said her daughter, a straight-A student, has been trying on dresses and looking forward to the prom for months.

"I have to tell her today when she comes home and I already know she is going to be very upset," she said talking about telling her daughter of the punishment.

Roundtree said the dress that her daughter was going to wear will go to a kid in her church.

The school released the following statement on the matter:
"The authorities have completed their investigation, and the school has taken appropriate actions inline with our school policies concerning such matters."

News Center 7 has learned that the school suspended the two involved in the act.

May 13, 2011

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