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Detention for Wearing Breast Cancer Bracelet

Nick Morgan is a 15-year-old freshman in South Glens Falls, New York. He has an aunt with breast cancer and another aunt who died from the disease. Consequently, Nick supports Breast Cancer Awareness. He wears a bracelet that says “I (heart) boobies (Keep A Breast)”

In March, 2010, his science teacher took offense at the message and told him to remove it. He explained to her why he wore it and agreed to turn it inside out. She disapproved and sent Nick to an alternative class for the rest of the period.

Nick continued to wear the bracelet to school and on the third day was given detention for being insubordinate in not removing it. His mother disagreed with the school’s response and wouldn’t let Nick serve the detention.

Nick and his mother discussed the situation with the school superintendent who agreed to waive the detention; however, the principal stated that it is prohibited for Nick and any student to wear the bracelet.* They have a meeting scheduled with the district officials on March 24th to further discuss this issue and Nick’s First Amendment right to continue wearing the bracelet.

When asked why wearing the bracelet is important to him, Nick said the following:
“Breast cancer awareness is very important to me beacuse when I was young, probably 4 or 5, I lost my great Aunt to breast cancer. That was hard, I was small but I knew and loved Aunt Mary and then she was gone. I did not know at the time what happened or why she was gone and I did not even know what cancer was! A short time later another great aunt on Mom’s side was diagnosed and has been battling it ever since. She can never make her three year mark but she keeps fighting…. really hard! I knew about the “keep a breast” bracelet because I heard about the program from some friends. I saw a bracelet while shopping with my Mom I wanted to get one. She had a few questions at first but I explained the program to her and I got one! Most of the cost of the bracelet goes to support breast cancer awareness among kids my age. I like that I am helping support cancer awareness because I have a Grandmother, a Mom, a Sister, two cousins… and breast cancer affects men and boys as well and anything we can do to prtotect ourselves and learn about cancer is good. I am still wearing my bracelet because this is my small part I can do. People are talking now about breast cancer, whether they agree with “I (heart) boobies” or Live strong… they are talking and sales are up (according to the zumiez in my mall) and that is never bad! I am proud of myself and I will always stand up for breast cancer whether I get a detention or not.”



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