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Don't stop questioning

by Smalls

Have you ever had a fully answered question from your teachers about the rules or in what the school believes in?

Do they just dismiss you with a "Well you should know that!" answer?

I can tell you with complete truth that i have never had any of my answers answered in a fashion that makes sense. I've ask many Yes/No questions to my teachers and office staff and i have never received a yes or a no, just a long statement saying nothing more than what i already knew... nothing. It has come to my attention that all schools teachers and staff have just been programed to say the same old crap and not specify on it.

I have ask simple questions, such as:

Why do we have dress codes?

Whats the point of Public Display of Affection?

Why can I not cuss?

and many other simple questions that can be answered in points.

Now this Post is just suppose to inspire thought and a little more courage in asking questions to your school staff. But what i"m really trying to get to is, WHY CAN'T I GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER TO MY QUESTIONS!??

The point of the matter is that the staff and the teachers are just programed to state the rules over again and say its wrong or we do it cause it guides us down the right path. Im encourage all of you who want the answers to your questions to NOT GIVE UP! there are thousands of kids like you that have tried to get answers but have failed because the staff just dismisses it! Keep asking the same questions! Ask why they are right! Ask why does our school believe in them? Establish arguments and do research on the fact! But remember the goal is not to argue but to GET the true answer!

Where to next? Pick one!

Posted in: Commentary on April 19, 2010 @ 5:36 PM

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