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Facebook Comment Leaves 2 Girls Suspended From Area High School

Parent Says Student Should Not Be Kicked Out Of School

OAK GROVE, Mo. -- School officials said two girls have been suspended because of what one of them posted on her Facebook page.

But the girl's parent said it's the issue is freedom of speech, regardless of what happened at school because of it.

Megan Wisemore, 15, admitted that she wrote some nasty things about another 15-year-old classmate. She called her names that KCTV5 won't repeat on the air or its Web site.

"It wasn't appropriate, but it was something for my husband and I to take care of at home," said Megan's mother, Christy Wisemore.

Wisemore said she never intended for the girl she was talking about to see it, but she did. The following day at Oak Grove High School, Wisemore said the girl jumped her.

"I never fought back," she said. "I just sat there and took it."

Both girls were suspended, according to Wiseman's mother. But she said Megan should not have been suspended for two days for her Facebook comments. She said it was her right to post what she wants.

"You can't suspend her for what she wrote on Facebook, it's wrong," Christy Wiseman said. "He (the principal) was like, 'I am.' She'll lose 3 percent of her grade. Tonight's a concert that's 75 percent of her grade and she'll get an F in band. Because of something she wrote on Facebook."

The principal at Oak Grove High did not return KCTV5's messages, but many school districts have a policy against cyber-bullying, when a person threatens, teases or embarrasses someone via the Internet or by cell phone. And if it becomes serious enough, schools will take action.

The Oak Grove School District superintendent said they don't police Facebook, but if something leads to a disruption at school, there will be consequences.



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Posted in: News by SoulRiser on March 18, 2010 @ 8:21 PM

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