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"Kill Piper" cartoon threatens Spanaway sixth-grader

-- From The Associated Press:

A Spanaway mother says she's horrified by a cartoon video -- posted online -- that showed several ways to kill her sixth-grade daughter. The cartoon was made off school grounds by some of her daughter's classmates, girls aged 11 and 12.

Titled "Top Six Ways to Kill Piper," it includes depictions of girls shooting her, making her commit suicide, poisoning her and even pushing her off a cliff. Beth Smith tells KING5-TV the cartoon was set to a Hannah Montana song called "True Friend" and posted on YouTube.

Her daughter Piper attends Elk Plain School of Choice, as do the girls who made the video. The little girl says it hurt her feelings.

Because of privacy rules, the Bethel School District says it can't say how the girls were disciplined. But district spokeswoman Krista Carlson tells KING the students involved "have expressed their remorse about this incident."

A report was also filed with the Pierce County sheriff's department.

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