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Kiss Caught on Camera Raises Issues of Big Brother Surveillance

Surveillance cameras in schools are meant to keep children safe and in-line, but a kiss, a camera and a controversy have Gig Harbor High School in Washington in an uproar.

A security camera captured two girls kissing, but it's what happened next that sparked a surveillance debate. With Warren County schools having surveillance cameras not only in the high schools but in the middle school and elementary schools as well, you'll want to read on because reporter Keith Eldridge's brings you the story that asks the question: When does Big Brother surveillance cross the line?

The dean of students said he saw two girls kissing. He checked the surveillance tape then shared what he saw with the parents of one of the girls. They then pulled her out of school, which then pulled the peninsula school district into a big controversy.

"They weren't harming other students, so I don't think the administrators had a right to show it to her parents or anybody else," student, Laura Varadi said.

"I think that they didn't use the cameras like how they should. They should only be used for safety I think," student, Jade Egelhoff said.

"We obviously made a mistake," Superintendent Terry Bouck said. "We're here to make sure our kids, our staff and parents are safe, but we're not going to be monitoring public displays of affection, etc."

But some parents ask "Why not?"

"I think that that's fine if they're doing something they shouldn't be doing. The surveillance is fine," said Heidi Holmes, a Gig Harbor parent.

"We're watching them at home, so we should be watching them at school too," said Tim, Heidi's husband.

The Holmes said surveillance cameras are a way of life. Helping prevent crime, identifying suspects and just giving folks a sense of security knowing the cameras are always watching.

You've got to figure that no matter where you are you're probably going to be on camera, whether from that angle or this angle, you're probably going to be on. But one store owner said it shouldn't be for spying.

"I'm not for it, because we don't use it that way," store owner, Sean Whang said.

This is a debate that is not likely to end with the superintendent saying they made a mistake. It really goes to all facets of life not just schools but the workplace and all public areas.

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What fucking retarded parents saying that monitering kids at school it ok D:<
Ignorant fuckers.

Posted by: Freak
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