"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." - Voltaire

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New Design, and some other stuff

Yes, I really have gone and redesigned the whole site again. I seem to like doing that :P Anyway, 2 new opinions have been added to the Opinionz section, and one to the Current Issues section. Also a few new crib tips added. I now have a What's New page that automatically lists the latest additions to the site, so that's a good place to check if you wanna see what's new (since I'm always too lazy to document that sort of thing).

The Anti-School Directory is a new feature here, it's like Yahoo or ODP, but for anti-school and other relevant sites only. If you know of any good site that is NOT listed there, PLEASE add it! :)

Please contact me if you find any broken links or anything else that doesn't work like it should!

Update (1 Feb): Added a whole bunch of opinions about other stuff not relating to school, like abortion, racism, that sorta thing. I wrote them a while back, but they were on my other site, Existence... but hardly anybody ever visits there, so I figured I'd put them here as well so someone will actually SEE 'em sometime :P

Added more poetry by me to the Poetry page, and one great poem by Spooky Poet. Go read! ;)


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Posted in: Site Updates by SoulRiser on January 23, 2003 @ 12:00 AM


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