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Newest Clio commissioner, 19, aided by Facebook

Clio, Michigan -- Mid-Michigan youth are continually being encouraged to get involved in their communities, but one local teenager took that to the extreme.

He's the newest Clio City Commissioner, and he's just 19-years-old.

The next time you go shopping at the Clio VG's, be sure to say hello to City Commissioner Edward Mosher.

That's right, the 19-year-old VG's shelf stocker and Mott Community College computer science student was voted in Tuesday.

Edward Mosher tells NBC25, "I had a hunch it would be close, but I didn't think I'd have the second highest amount of votes."

With 15 signs across the city and word of mouth, Edward soared in the polls.

"I started a Facebook group and got my friends involved. I had about 60 people on that, and they told their friends."

His dad, City Commissioner Duane Mosher, says his son just upped his resume.

Duane says, "I can't imagine when he gets into the job market in a couple of years and they ask 'What are your outside interests?' And he'll say, 'I'm currently serving as elected official in my hometown.'"

While he admits he doesn't have years of political experience, Edward knows the political system. He got an A in civics.

Edward says, "It's considered one of our hardest classes because the teacher, Mr. Howard, is a stickler on things. He doesn't let slackers pass because he knows you have to have that class to pass."

Mr. Howard is the same teacher his father had, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Duane says, "He's always been very well spoken, very thoughtful person. He's always been smart and good at understanding."

Where Edward works is also a hot-bed for political thought.

The mayor of Clio also works at the same grocery store.

Edward says, "He's a bagger. He helps people with their groceries and all that."

Edward says he wants to be the voice for young people in the City of Clio.

He also wants to attract more people and businesses downtown.

He's sworn into office Nov. 16.


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